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  1. Try East City Cycles. On their website they have Panaracer in 650b x 48c in stock https://eastcitycycles.com/products/panaracer-gravel-king-sk-brown-1?variant=33498736328835
  2. Saved up for a couple of months for a bday gift from me to me Bought from a fellow hubber who was willing to hang on to it for me for a couple of months. 😊 SO grateful. Will be getting this in the week....
  3. Condolences Reinet. May he rest in peace and may the Lord carry you through this time 🙌🥲
  4. Anytime man The leather is good and comfy and eventually takes the shape of your behind over time and I wouldn't think twice to use it on a more retro build. But for a more modern machine with still the same comfort levels of the leather the all weather Cambium is by far my 1st choice.
  5. No problem Different widths. The C15 is 140mm, C17 is 164mm and the C19 if I remember correctly is 184mm. The lower the number the narrower they get. They even come in carved variants but I personally dont like the carved ones....
  6. Brooks Cambium C17. 4mm narrower than what you are looking for but think it would suffice. Most comfortable saddle I have ever used. Like fit and forget.
  7. These should do the trick so most bike shops should be able to help you out.
  8. Enquired locally with no reply from any supplier , not even from the local distributors. Got mine from bikecomponents.de as i had tyres on its way but you can get from Wolftooth direct in the States as well. Both option will be cheaper than local. They are even available on Amazon. Definitely worth getting for your intended use as they work brilliant.
  9. I have a lever from a newer shape of Centaur shifters. Dont know if it will fit or work but you are wellcome to have it mahalla as i have no use for it. Im down in Cpt so you just need to cover the shipping to you.... ????
  10. Lyk bef@k pellie. Many happy miles and smiles
  11. Prolly around the R800 mark per tyre if not more... Who knows what the middleman will add.... However if you shop on Amazon where they are already available AND ship to SA they are around R500 per tyre. I added two to the cart yesterday just to check pricing and it came to just on R1500 all in for two tyres delivered to my door.
  12. So in general everyone seems to be looking for a tad longer socks .... Before you know it this will be the "new" fashion fad in SA again HAHAHA ????
  13. That is correct yes. The tanpan is a great little device. Fit and set gears and off you go. No mess no fuss.
  14. I have fixed many cranks in the past. Some with great success still in use after years of use, some not so successful. All depends on the user or intended use. Can it be done? Most definitely! Would I recommend it, definitely not, Not worth the effort or possible injury afterwards should anything go wrong. Can it be shortened? Most definitely. Would i Recommend it, possibly... Would I do it? Hell no. Just for the sake of having carbon cranks absolutely not. Plenty of cheaper brand new options available in alu that is just as good.... If you absolutely must have it shortened speak to Greame Kidson @CarbonNinja He is the only one that I would recommend to shorten carbon cranks. I know he has shortened cranks successfully in the past ????
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