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  1. On Sunday my lovely bike decided to take my Collarbone to the ER......6 weeks recovery, going nowhere slowly
  2. Please tell me this is a joke......
  3. Been using this for about 2 years, can honestly say this works like a bomb! I mean if they use it on farm equipment it should work for me. Even worked puncturing my side wall on Minions DD, Seriously..... goodstuff this!
  4. Camelbak returned, thanks guys. Mods please close
  5. Morning BH A friend lost/misplaced or just forgot his yellow camelbak at the Enduro western cape at Contermanskloof 22/11/2020. The last thing he could remember was getting a free beer, sitting down near the Commencal tent on the grass, and never took it home. Tools, gloves and keys are still in there, so if anyone knows where it might be, please give me a shout.
  6. Ordered something small from Wayne at Rapide Thursday morning, 24 hours later (JHB to CPT) I have what I ordered and ready to install. Extremely happy with the coms and efficient way the order was processed.
  7. Oak Valley Oak Valley Oak Valley..... Awesome place to take the little ones
  8. Awesome,will give them a try,thanks
  9. Anyone know where I can find a derailleur hanger bracket for my Lapierre Spicy 327? Mine might be a little bit out, so will have to eventually get a new one. Thanks
  10. Anyone has experience with Wurth's HHS dry lube spray?
  11. How does one decide on what to wear for back protection? I've had a small back op 2 years ago so would like to avoid another one if i can. Are they compulsory for RSA enduro races as in europe?
  12. Hi all, i have two almost brand new 26x2.125 mtb slick tyres for someone in need. Send me a message for pics and we can arrange pick up.
  13. Hi all I have a pair of new slick (mtb)tyres 26"x1.75 that i would like to pass on to someone that might need them. Does BH have a deticated thread for this? Cheers
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