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  1. How would you know its an EFT and not a rubber cheque. Maybe proof of payment. Cheques need to deposited over the counter and you will be able to see.
  2. Please invite me!! Rubber and teeth go well together!
  3. Savage

    2009 Raleigh

    Most carbon products is made in the east, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and the product u get is the same stuff. Branded or not, aslong as it give you pleasure and fits your pocket.
  4. I know a good optom. Can refere if needed
  5. Very unfortunate to here. Report the phone as stolen en let them block it on the phone identity. Every phone has its own identity and by doing this he will not be able to use it.
  6. I can tell you this, they are much harder, maybe because of the stiffness and I can feel everything underfoot.
  7. This comming from a idiot taxi driver that will stop on yellow lines and crossing lanes without considering other cars. You probably handled the situation much better that I would have
  8. Why do I cycle??? Because I enjoy the time on the open road and it give me time to think and reflect. You can walk through the front door of your house and get shot!!!! For me it is not really how u die, but that you are ready for it and that you know if someting happens that you have made provision for your family. Nevery leave home without saying goodby, nevery say goodby with dark clouds hanging in the air!! Don't take uncalculated risks, because it might not be worth it.
  9. Savage


    You can not compair Joburg with Bloem. We only have so many roads to train on!
  10. Thanks Spinnekop. Next step: You open the door, I get Campy Seriously, will riding like this do damage to my bike?
  11. Had these cranks for two years now and never had any problems. About 5 weeks back they started to develop some play, not much. Maybe it was there from the getgo, not sure. LBS could not sort it out and I bought a new bottom bracket. The new one is even worse than the old one. Need some advise please!!
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