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  1. Two entry tickets available for the 80km MTB event including 1 nights accommodation at Barn 62 Backpackers for 2 people, (3km from start of race at Amalienstein Shed, Date in 12 October) Please PM me.
  2. glad you are Ok... I also saw 3 guys one Saturday morning opposite Cloetesville. One had a stick and was standing on the yellow line. Luckily nothing happened. be careful out there, and it applies to all parties
  3. I just spoke to Cape Town City Counsel, about the Service Charge. Explaination was as follows - if you are a Domestic High Consumer (above 800kW), you pay Service Charge. No Service Charge for Domestic Low (between 400kW and 800kW). Once labelled as a Domestic High, you will pay Service Charge even if you use less than 800kW per month. To change status from Domestic High to Domestic Low - fill in a form (prove has to be provided of course)
  4. yes Willehond, we were on the same spot! We finished in 16:05. Even rode away from our backup vehicle from the last support point to the finish and received a 20 min time penalty for doing that. But who cares... it was great
  5. i told him he should not try diving in
  6. https://www.bikehub.co.za/forum_posts.asp?TID=10333
  7. i can think of no other place to cycle as left of the yellow lane (if it exists). Right of the yellow lane is looking for trouble. I believe in traffic flow. Go over and drive in the yellow line (if you can see ahead), and allow other vehicles to pass. Nothing is more irritable than somebody going at a snail pace in the middle of the road
  8. careful, spidy is still breathing - that means attacking talking off, with argus around the corner, will he walk away with the trofee again (North vs South)
  9. we are planning to hike on table mountain coming weekend. Because of all the incidents that have happened there, hiking parties must be at least 5, or bigger. i believe you get a walking stick that disguises a sword blade. Imagine hiking by youself and guys approach you with knifes. You hold out the walking stick, they grab it... taking the protective part off the sword...
  10. we as cyclists have to think for the other party as well. A couple of times it happened now - i can hear oncoming traffic and as soon as the vehicle is next to me it slows down. Why..? Wants to make a left turn Luckily i was ready for this every time so far.. On the positive side. Yesterday on my way to RooiEls, cars were slow moving for km's long, beaches were packed. How nice of motorists to notice you approaching and make way I'm making a point of acknowledging each
  11. nice M,.... that is what i call a nice breakaway! Thanks for sharing! i like your GF's top on the one pic
  12. may i suggest something, costs nothing, imagine everybody does it. Don't cycle with an attitude
  13. thanks Thug, i remember reading it before.. what triggered my investigation was my K2C ride. I did it 20min longer with the new Raleigh than with my old Produx (which is falling apart). By simply lifting a wheel and spinning it, the Produx wheel will turn forever. On the raleigh it stopped quite fast. After removing the STANs it turned much longer (Raleigh). I thinks there are different factors playing a role but on the Raleigh it felt that i was on a heavier gear than i should have been, all the time. On the old bike i cycle with less effort. If i have the time i will experiment more
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