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  1. So different from truck services. Some don't even offer you a wash after, they just send you the invoice and when you get the truck back it is as it was. Except Scania, always clean. 😊
  2. Flueckiger and Korezky OUT with flats Nino leads
  3. I like the way the site is run. I enjoy myself on the site. At times when we're bored we want topics to go on for entertainment value, and get irritated when they get cut. Its ok to to admit you like seeing posts go down the road 🤣
  4. The sad death of Chris Anker Sorensen... Chris Anker Sørensen killed in crash at World Championships | Cyclingnews And the miracle survival of the gent in the UK... Terrifying moment cyclist, 27, was sent flying into the air after being hit by a car | Daily Mail Online Totally terrifying.
  5. Ok at least tell us what the items are
  6. None. Name and shame right underneath this comment
  7. Forget in front. I would need whatever it is in my possession for two days to make sure the cops aren't coming looking for it
  8. You can do the red. Only 47km and a good blast
  9. As much as I'd love to do the Epic, 120k for a single event is just out my range. Hope everyone who goes has a blast and I'll be supporting on TV.
  10. What in the actual __________ was that
  11. Thoughts? Jeremy Vine sparks cycling row with video of riders four abreast on quiet road | Daily Mail Online
  12. What you said right there is why I'll stay on the hardtail
  13. Pro guys, is it easier to ride with all this tech though? Or needs twice the skill and twice the ability?
  14. Christo, send the story to me, Ill dramatize it and repost nobody will know its you. Even I'm hungry for the detail! Jokes, happy you got it back mate.
  15. More choice is better, but there are too many brands in that 100k for a bike space. And Spez rules that side of the river anyway, shame they didn't want to fight
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