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  1. My 53cm C59 will be up for sale soon as I am just not riding it since getting the gravel bike. I hate seeing it just hanging in the bike room. I posted pics in this thread.
  2. I had endless problems with my Guides. They are unreliable and emotional. I sent them back a few times. Get rid of them... Hope or Shimano...
  3. It will be so cool to get a first hand account
  4. Monark

    The Classics

    So so so so amazing to see the ladies finally racing this route.
  5. Monark

    The Classics

    She is so special. A true ambassador.
  6. I am - there is no reason for me to pay to ride this road. It's just sad. The road out of PMB has always been terrible and the organization and safety on the route has always been questionable. The last time we raced was 2019 and we nearly got taken out by a car heading through highflats. The road surface that year was shocking and very few potholes were marked.
  7. This is so pathetic... death of Amashova?? I won't enter again. Terribly handled. And it looks like we will all be sharing the one side of the M13 so we will have very slow riders wobbling around in the lane next to us.... Not keen
  8. It is not a smooth gravel race - don't be fooled. A friend did it last year and he was very strong before the race. He could easily ride 200km. He just finished and was broken after the race. It is apparently a very rough rocky route.
  9. It also depends on how soon you want the frame - I think Mercer has a waiting list. His work is in demand.
  10. If you have to "justify" it you either can't afford it or don't really want to ride it. For me it looks like an amazing event with brilliant organization and trails. It's a pipedream race for me because I will never be fit enough to ride it. I love watching the daily race highlights on super sport.
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