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  1. This is a nice sentiment, but the reality is that many if not most of the members joined the PPA because they benefitted from being members. Generally the members did not join PPA to offer their membership fee as a charity. I am a recreational cyclist, that enjoys cycling and would rather do a PPA funride than do a solo ride on my own. There are comparatively few events these days for road cyclists. In the past if you had done 4 to 5 funrides with the PPA it would have paid for your membership. These days, you need to do at least 8 rides, and you would be extremely hard pressed to find 8 rides to join on the PPA road calendar. There is no longer a direct benefit experienced by many cyclists who have been members of the PPA for years. Right or wrong, most of the members did not join PPA to make a positive contribution to the PPA. They joined because they enjoyed the benefits of being part of the PPA, unless the PPA can address this, members will continue to leave the PPA.
  2. I recently had a look at getting some pictures from them, I think it was the last time you could get picks from this years Argus. The price was reduced but in my opinion still to expensive. Especially considering that I wanted to download the pics. I would have thought that the business model would be much more effective to lower the price for downloading pictures. At lease the volume of sales would increase which would make up for the reduce fee. Furthermore you would have happy customers that would go a long way towards future sales.
  3. Hey guys Just a general thank you for all the well-wishes. I have now traded my two wheels for four wheels (two big and two small) and instead of being driven by two legs it is now driven by a left leg and a left arm. I'll be in the wheelchair for another 3 weeks and after that on one crutch for another 4 weeks. Then I can start my recovery with some more intensity and rebuild my strength. Really looking forward to be walking and be upright again. Eventually I'll get back on to the bike and I will look to commute to work again, however I will try to cut out Bosmansdam in the future. I am not sure what the best alternative route is, but will investigate some options. Have an awesome day, and safe commuting.
  4. I was, but I was fortunate that I had been on pain meds for a couple of days, therefore no real pain when they inserted it. I actually found the whole process quite amusing.
  5. Life can change very quickly. I had a rather unexpected fall on Wednesday and ended up in hospital. I was traveling along Bosmansdam road towards Marine drive. I was going over the bridge crossing the N7 and where cars join Bosmansdam road from the N7. This was at 6:30 in the morning. I was traveling slightly faster than the cars around me. 50-100m Ahead of me was a bus in the left lane with a bus stop another 150m on. I decided to stay on the white line until I passed the bus after which I would pull over to the far left. Next thing I know three paramedics are placing me in the ambulance on the way to hospital. Unbeknown to me the authorities had begun to resurface sections of the road. Where I was riding the road surface was removed left of the white line but no on the right. This was not clearly demarcated and I could not pick it up in the dark. I do have a decent light so visibility is usually not a problem for me. Anyway I figure the bike slid from right to left causing me to overbalance to the right and the bike shot out under me to the left. Thank God I didn't land in front of a car and that a paramedic was in a car a short distance behind to look after me and called the ambulance. The result of the fall a broken right clavicle, a broke right rib and the pelvis cracked in two places on the right hand side. As a result I cannot put weight on the right leg and I can't use crutches with the broken right clavicle. I will be wheel chair bound for 4 weeks after which I can begin to hobble around with 1 crutch for another 4 weeks. I have to rearrange my life so that I can do some work at home for the next 8 weeks. I was going to be discharged from hospital yesterday. We did a final x-Ray on my shoulder to check if my new parts (plate in shoulder) was fitting well. Only we discovered that my right long had collapsed. So I got a tube protruding out of my long to relieve pressure and I won another two days in hospital. All I can say, be careful out there. Things can change quickly. God bless
  6. Heading into town I take hi jack alley in the mornings. Most of the incidents have occurred in the afternoon In the afternoon I take the N1 leaving town
  7. I have never found slime to work in a road bike. The tyre pressure is too high and therefore the sealant just squirts out. A tyre liner should help.
  8. I bought and XP3 light from Extreme Lights in September last year, primarily for visibility as I am a regular commuter. The light is really bright and has made a significant impact in motorists noticing me on the road. I had an incident in December which resulted in the light's cable connector (which connects with the battery) being severed. I phoned Extreme Lights and they weren't able to help at the time, but the suggested that I source a new connector from an electrical shop and fix that to the cable. A friend was able to help me with this. I rode with the light as is for 4 months, and then in March the battery wouldn't charge. Again I contacted Extreme Lights. I dealt with Pieter and he asked me to send the unit to them. Pieter had investigated the problem. He replaced the cable, sorted out the problem with the battery and had it couriered to my office at no charge. I received the light unit this morning and tested it. All is working well. It is awesome to receive such excellent service and reinforces the decision to deal with reputable dealers. Big thumbs up to the guys from Extreme Lights.
  9. I agree. I have put a list of all items I need for my commute on the cell phone. Even though by now I know the list off by heart, I still check it. It gives me peace of my mind, knowing that I am well prepared for the commute. I hate that gnawing feeling in the back of your mind that you have forgotten something or to discover at the office I didn't pack in my shirt...
  10. The aircon in my office is always on, and that does a pretty good job of drying out the kit by the afternoon. Sometimes doesn't dry it completely, then wet kit it is. The wet kit is only uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes. A couple of kms into the ride it makes little difference.
  11. I do much the same. Just stick my head under water, rinse off my face, wet the cloth and then move into one of the cubicles.
  12. I put off cycling to work for a long time due to no shower facilities. The PPA arranged a bike to work day, and I decided to give it a go and see what it would be like. It was awesome and I have never stopped since. Have been commuting to work for five years. My commute is 24km one way. I have found all you really need is a towel, a cloth and a basin. This could be a problem for someone who sweats profusely, however for most people I do not think this is such a big deal.
  13. I have been using the crossmarks for quite some time now. Done about 4500km commuting to work and they are still good for a couple of 1000 more. Mind you I don't do much trail riding but as a commuter wheel they are brilliant. Agree with Baracuda on the front wheel
  14. Hi everyone. Unfortunately due to work commitments I won't be able to ride tomorrow. Enjoy the ride
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