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  1. We were about 30 cyclist that turned around at the Golf Course, after being warned about the hazard on the road. Wonder if this was by accident or intentional? Hope not the latter. Those shavings will be on the road for quite a while if not swept up or washed away.
  2. There were quiet a number of cyclist out that way this morning. Our group as well. Didn't see anything of the sort or the car mentioned. Just glad they ok. an approximate time might narrow things down!
  3. Hi Gavin Apology for the hijack OP....... Some time ago I requested new decals for my Mavic Ksyrium Elite and after sending many emails and pics with serial no, I was told that it could not be done. This was through Dragon Sports. My question now is, am I able to replace the decals or not? If yes, where can I have it done in CT? cc
  4. Our cycling group stop weekly at Bootlegger in Kalk Bay. Double flat white's all round with their trade mark banana loaf. Awesome sitting outside overlooking the water.
  5. I can only say good things about Anatomic, Cape Town. 5 DC kits later. Excellent service combined with quality products. Just bought an all black cycling jersey 2 weeks ago that was very very reasonably priced. Top quality as well.
  6. Strength to you Brendan. RIP Dalene. Cherish the good memories. As I read your post it brings back very sad memories of loosing my cousin and cycling mate on this day 14 Feb. Killed while cycling. I miss him.
  7. Silverback without a doubt. Under rated bikes but exceptional value for money. I looked at one today and think I'll buy it on Monday. Frame has a 5yr warranty and 1yr on components. Even received a very generous discount from LBS. btw. Been riding a Silverback road bike for 4yrs now and it's awesome.
  8. 7 pages thus far with numerous suggestions but in reality nothing done YET. Here's my 2cents for what it's worth: On Saturday morning at 11:30 all cyclist converge at a central point for 1 hour. In Cape Town perhaps on the Parade. This to take place in every Province. PPA to display banners and inform the media of Our protest. We All send messages via social media to reach as many cyclists as possible to be present.
  9. I really dread coming online as this has been a weekly occurrence. So sad.
  10. As this thread has been such a feel good thread, wouldn't you perhaps consider sharing what your daughter described and her experience as related to you?
  11. That's so random. You can't post that without giving more info.
  12. Just to mention two positives that really stood out for me on my first visit to NZ were the schools and housing areas. My best mate and my son's stepdad are teachers. Me being in education myself they were extremely proud to take me to their respective schools. Both schools were low decial schools or as it is known in SA low quantile schools. That is the grading of schools. Both schools in very poor areas of NZ servicing the indigenous community. What a contrast to SA schools, from what I was expecting to see. This because their government pumps money into these schools. The buildings and surroundings were clean. The schools were well resourced, had interactive white boards and more than one computer lab with a variety of extra mural activities and of course large playing fields for rugby. Children are forced to attend a school in the area in which they stay. This was interesting and a real positive as well. On my son visits home to SA he pointed out certain observations that I only made sense of when visiting him. They have an alarm but it seldom gets set. No high walls in the front of their house. It's open lawns. No electricit fence or burglar bars. Every area has its own park, basket ball court and shopping is made easier by having the convent stores close by. Stores basically in each area thus you don't have to drive far. Yes houses are extremely expensive and both my mate and son's parents rent. This after being in NZ for more than 10 years already. But is that a bad thing? I really don't think so. There is a bigger debate to owning and renting especially in the context of each country.
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