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  1. I have red somewhere that Shimano are allowing other companies to start manufacturing there freehubs. So I think it will only be a good option in the near future.
  2. Thant's one mean Team. but they need more power to take on Van der Poel.....he he
  3. I would go with this baby: Specialized Tarmac Expert 2019 https://www.specialized.com/za/en/mens-tarmac-expert/p/155029?color=227226-155029 its a little bit more then 60k
  4. Droneworld for me, they gave me GREAT service, and i went with the Mavic Air, what a cool little drone and it can do all that i need. Kind Regards
  5. Going there Easter Weekend, will also try some of those trails. Thank you Pall
  6. Hi I got my Scalpel si 3 last week before the Argus and will and try to test it tonight. i am massive Spezzi fan and just hope i did not made the wrong decision, but the bike look fast and are quite exited. i also want to swap the 32t for a 34 oval ring with the 11/46 Cool stuff
  7. i think it will be on Supersport, saw the add yesterday on DSTV
  8. Hi All will it work with a shox fitted with Brain function? Thank you
  9. Hi All Thinking of doing the race this year 2018. Can i get some feedback from riders that have done this before? Thank you
  10. personal i feel that only the last climb before you turn left to Tontoldoos is a bit tech, other that that is just open road and some jeep track climbs, but i could not remember any heavy lose rocks. hope this will help
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