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  1. They sponsor Team ROAG Racing in KZN (MTB and trail running team) and are very pro cycling. Don't use them personally due to being covered by my company, but believe they are very good. Also, you can get great discounts from Cycle Lab
  2. I bought the new Fox Flexair with no padding. So good I went back and bought another one. Fit really well and have a ratchet system to tighten at the waist. Only consideration, they make a bit of a rustling type noise when you pedal - doesn't worry me at all.
  3. Hi, just seen your post. Come ride with Shongweni Cycling Club. We cater for recreational riders and kids who want to get into the sport. Follow our Facebook page for details on club rides (MTB only at this stage).
  4. People are still buying but either your sale item has to be in high demand or your price has to be a really good deal. Earlier this month I advertised a used high end kids bike at a fair price and the next day it was sold, no negotiation on price, no fuss and a really happy kid
  5. Ordered this for my daughter who will be racing in the youth age cat this year. At a body weight of 42 kg it makes sense to go for a hardtail. As we couldn't afford R140k for the SWorks (that's just nuts), we opted for trading basically everything except the frame for upgraded parts. With a HA of 68.5 and an estimated bike weight of 8.5 kg all in, it is a no brainer, HT it is. It was interesting how many bike shops pushed a dual sus, I suppose it is what they have to sell. The bike is being built this week, cant wait to see it. Only downside (for a girl) is the colour. That SWorks is beautiful, maybe one day......
  6. This groupset thing is really interesting. So SRAM got way ahead when they went 1x12, I moved across and loved (still love) the GX1x12, paired with a SRAM carbon crank I have had minimal issues, nothing when considering the milage done. My kid races with full XX1 with zero issues. In Feb 2019 we were at the SA Cup XCO event in the Western Cape, where SRAM is one of the sponsors (really good stuff as sponsorship is critical for the survival of this format). A mate of ours had their young kids race bike parked off next to the SRAM marketing tent. There were loads of bikes around as this was near the finish area. The SRAM chap comes over and tells the father of the kid to move the bike away as it has Shimano parts.... That just didn't feel good. Just spec'd my kids new build with full XTR incl brakes. Going to make sure we hang around the SRAM chap if we see him this year. Competition is great for everyone, it drives innovation and we all benefit.
  7. Your local provincial Commission should publish an annual race calendar listing all sanctioned events for the year. In KZN the MTB list includes the local XCO series, SA Cup XCO series, classics, stage races, schools events etc. If I recall correctly we had just over 80 races on the list for 2019. This is great for rider and race organizer planning
  8. Agree, buy the Pyga. I bought one after a test ride at B&B a few years back, there is no other bike I would own right now. People who own them tend to love them, #pygastage. Oh and the Pyga guys are tops too, proper backup. They have started a local whatsapp group where riders share stories, pics etc even the boss man himself posts and shares news - proper local touch
  9. On this course I would say yes. Same for Yolanda, skills!
  10. agree, you can see by the placement of rocks. That oke can build a XCO course
  11. it does, I wonder why that is.....?
  12. Geez, no South Africa this year?? Pretty sure we watch on Redbull TV last year
  13. Crashed in the team relay. She looks ok, she posted on social media yesterday. Seen a pic of her finger injury, hectic!
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