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  1. For now yes... In New York city 1 in 500 people died in about 5 weeks, so in a few months we'll see if the Karens were just being silly.
  2. Katy

    Sani2c 2015

    To clarify, it wasn't a little wooden bridge that was broken. The floating bridge on the bottom of the descent into the valley snapped, causing a massive pile up. People eventually rode down the river and crossed it at the rapids (this was quite a mission). They did fix it eventually so I am not sure how many people it affected. If this wouldn't bother you, cool, but it did bother me. You say all the bridges are a privilege but it's a crazy expensive race and I think that if they put a bridge on it then said bridge should be functional. If you go to a five star hotel and it's only three star quality, you wouldn't just say, "oh well the extra two stars were a privilege anyway", you'd be annoyed.
  3. Katy

    sani2c Feedback

    Best: 1. Descent into the Umkomaas and the riding in general 2. The general vibe between the riders 3. I enjoyed the supporters en route (for the most part). They really create a cool vibe and you do get the impression that the race does a lot for the community. 4. Water points were great- well stocked and everybody always so willing to help 5. Chill areas, especially at Jolivet Worst: 1. Ladies bathrooms at Jolivet- this was an absolute shocker especially as I had heard a lot about how nice Jolivet was going to be. No water, no privacy and only a muddy floor to put our stuff on. 2. Logistics at the finish 3. Broken floating bridge on the trail day 2. 4. There were a number of things that were done better the pervious time I did Sani2c in 2012. The quality of the kit is a good example but there were several other things that were better in 2012 as well. As the price has gone up since then but the quality has gone down it just left me with a bit of a feeling like its become all about money and getting as much of it as possible. Sani2c is obviously a business and people are willing to pay but it just didn't leave me with a good feeling. 5. The climb out of the Umkomaas. Just playing
  4. I have a ladies medium hoodie and looking to swap for a small please...
  5. I am 1.68m and ride a small scott spark 29er... works for me and I love twisty single track.
  6. There definitely aren't entry fees for the Parkrun...
  7. I had an absolutely fantastic time on Sunday- did the 52km. Really thought it was a lot of fun. But that being said, there were a few points on the organisation that were pretty poor. There weren't enough water points, and some water points closed early. It was a very technical route for the quantity of entrants and there were some serious injuries. You could argue that this is the riders' fault, but the fact is that with thousands of riders on that course, serious injuries were inevitable. The race emergency response teams simply couldn't get to them all quickly enough. I think they should have capped the entries lower and thought through emergency access etc. a bit better. I also think that it's worth noting that the event was very well marketed to the general public. It was not like most of your Advendurance races, for example, where the marathon field tends to be comprised of quite seasoned mountain bikers. Although the organisers did disclose what would be involved, there were a lot of quite average riders (by the organisers' design) and I think the number of injuries should have been foreseeable.
  8. I think if you're 89th in line you have a pretty good chance of getting an entry. We had a similar number last year and then got an entry about 2 months in advance... and then we couldn't do it
  9. I was just wondering if the trails are fenced off?
  10. I had the same thing when I was 17 years old- tore my L5/S1 disc while playing squash. It was a couple of months later (of no exercise etc.) before I was eventually referred to a neurosurgeon. I had the surgery, 9 years ago now, and I've recovered 100%. I don't have any pain when running/ mountain biking etc. I find though, that playing squash does cause my back to ache. This all happened before I started cycling, but cycling was the one activity the my doctor recommended would be good for me to do afterwards. I would imagine that it won't be too long before you're able to train- on the road or a trainer at least. I couldn't sit for a week afterwards and I struggled to sit for three hours during my exams, which were 2 months later. I do believe that although surgery is frightening, it was the best (if not only) option for me. I can do everything now that I used to do before, whereas, if I hadn't had the surgery I wouldn't even be able to walk properly.
  11. Thanks guys. Think i'll give it a go. Not looking forward to the bumpiness though. Even on my 29er DS
  12. Ah, man, that's awful! I hope you manage to figure something out. And crying at work is a perfectly reasonable reaction. Sucks for him as well! I may be joining you in that boat soon but still holding thumbs I won't be.
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