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  1. UK bike industry may not be so fine and doing well? https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/bike-sales-hit-new-historic-low-as-cost-of-living-crisis-bites
  2. Picking up new helmet tomorrow! Sticking with specialised - did it's job What is never known is how much better / worse off you would have been given your helmet quality. Decent is paramount, the rest is probably not testable. The one other thing I learnt after going through concussion testing, was that when your brain takes a knock - it needs good time to recover, slowly back to work, get neck muscles seen to as whip lash is real and don't get your head bumped any time soon again - the rugby players who get knocked week in week out get into huge trouble - so rest well till all head symptoms better before risking a second bump (free doctor advice!)
  3. it is quite sobering doing a concussion test... can't remember simple lists and standing on one leg with your eyes closed is somehow extremely difficult... really "silly" and not super high speed crash - but without helmet would not be writing this - concussion not fun at all - but got off reasonably lightly. As others have said - not sure if 6k helmet better than 2K at keeping your head intact - but not the piece of equipment to skimp on
  4. Unlike many of our bike components and accessories, the bike helmet, apart from some aero advantage, should be a 'total waste of money'. Sitting on top of our head and doing nothing but sun protection until we get rid of it 3,5, 10 years later... then buy a new one and repeat. Well an altercation with a concrete pole and in need of a new helmet - I am very happy I spent some money... Thanks to the Freewheel Cycology team for dealing with my crash replacement - never knew that I would get a discounted replacement from Specialised - again not a perk of buying the helmet - until you need it! Not that I ever ride without a helmet and have done that mat several hundreds of times - a spatchcock helmet is cause for reflection...
  5. I bought some bearings for my eggbeaters - non bike shop try these guys - they have a huge range http://www.silkuni.co.za/index.html
  6. Thanks - value is in the eye of the beholder! and only he/she who wishes to buy it!
  7. Hi Retro / vintage gang I am needing some help - My father is moving house and his Peter Alan circa early 1980's needs to find a new home. In very good Nic - dura ace gearing, Modolo breaks and cinelli bar and stem. 56cm size not vaguely sure of a price to sell - but willing to take advice and some offers peteralan531.pdf peteralan531_2.pdf peteralan531_1.pdf
  8. no only R35 - has no pedals the 000 is if it had pedals
  9. have brought several- 21grams are really nice - not near the quality of a ciovita or first ascent for eg - same cloth throughout - but if are going for the design then worth it - if you want a quality shirt then go local. will pay import duty/ vat at post office, delivery variable - but usually not more than a few weeks.
  10. It is unfortunately becoming like a car service scenario - when you take your several hundred thousand rand car in for a service,- they walk around note every scratch and you sign for it.... my 1996 Golf at my local garage does not get a scratch check! but not worth even 50K, not sure at what price point you need to start doing drop off service scratch checks with bicycles.....
  11. had a second hand epic ( rear brain) lovely and climbs like a dream - at nearly 50years old ( me not bike) was feeling abused on the rough downs so sold and bought a second hand camber ( Fox rear) and much more plush on the downs, and easier on the body for up and down Table mountain riding. not sure it climbs as well as my old epic. have not seen any second hand Epic Evo's ( camber replacement) for around 40K though.
  12. we had a few laughs when struggling up hill and an e- bike came flying past ... good for them... what was unbelievable was the person hitching a ride with an e-bike - no not drafting - actually holding on to the e-bike guys shirt and going down the M3... were not going to win anything or affect my prize money in 2D - but wow not sure what the point of that was...
  13. This is truly a most remarkable read and terrifying at best- reads like a Zondo commission report.
  14. Does Swift Carbon then count as a previously South Africa brand? Lyne components are a mixture of locally manufactured and imported components and wheels
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