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  1. Take out the old ones and go to bearing man, they might have the right size in stock. Should be about R50 each.
  2. Hi, I ride in that area on a regular basis, there are a couple of access points onto table mtn, the easiest probably being van riebeek park otherwise known as 'deer park'. This is at the top of deer park drive in vredehoek. A bit difficult to describe the routes, the best is to ride with someone, we ride there on a regular basis as do many others. Also not a good idea to ride by yourself in some places near the blockhouse.
  3. Ha ha ha, a few years ago we had this discussion over a few beers, I suggested hunchback porn, we searched and found a few references to other dirty bastards searching and some filthy animated disney like images.
  4. I'm in, not very strong at the moment, but will try keep up on the climbs!
  5. I really struggle to understand this concept, even if I could afford it I would never pay R3000 to run 42km! A few years back I paid R250 to run the swellendam trail. 80km trail over two days unsupported. Only cost was the hike permit and the balance went to charity. Only about 20 of did it which added to the experience. I also did the 4/5 day witels kloofing trip with two mates as a one day run - one of my best days out! And free! I'm not sure how anyone justifies this kind of cost.
  6. I recently got a set of shimano mt 65 wheels paid R2200 for them, and really happy. Fully tubeless rim 100g heavier than the XT wheels at 1700g. In fact they look almost identical to the wife's XT wheels.
  7. I had a similar issue with a pair of Salomon XA Pro shoes. First time i ran in them i was super impressed by their support and comfort. Then when i started upping distance the problem started... Literally at the 15km mark my knee gave in, also hobbled home. Went to the physio, first thing she asked was what shoes, i said Salomon, to which she replied there's your problem! I went back to new balance and a week later the problem was gone and i was running 20 - 30km's easy! The physio said the shoes were too soft for a fatty like me, so i reckon go to a good physio and see what they say.
  8. Another cyclist with a Festina... My watches: Festina (black strap) and a Swatch Irony (Brown Strap) The Festina is a great looking watch, but it keeps terrible time!
  9. Exactly! thats where that **** belongs!
  10. Are you for real? Yes! I subscribe to the 'take only pictures and leave only footprints' philosophy. Its very easy to think that your peel/eggshell/dogpoo or whatever makes no difference because its organic or whatever. But if every person that walked up Lions Head for example tossed their naartjie peels on the path it would look ***! The stuff doesn't belong there, so take it home.
  11. Don't get me started!!! I nearly offed myself chasing some prick down the pass on the Karoo to Coast last year. The @#@$$R@$ had picked up a coke at the table at the top, then went on to make a big show about riding hands free for about 500m while he drank the coke and then threw the cup over the edge into the pristine valley below. All types! On the banana/ naartjie peel/ apple core thrown into the bushes - you gotta ask yourself: Does it belong there,and hat would it look like if every mtn bike and trail runner or hiker threw their peels into the bush. I recently watched someone toss naartjie peels over their shoulder into the bushes on the mountain. I kept quiet, but felt that they should've known better. It takes ages to decompose and looks pretty crap!
  12. Edumacation vs edumication. Easy mistake to make if you had a *** one! ALthough both are probably acceptable in today's compromised language.
  13. Then Jurgen comes back and gets taken out for his lack of edumication...both sides now team up against the OP Edumacation???
  14. Hi, I cant remember the distance, we did a few add-ons, but it was probably abour 35km in about 3 hours i guess. http://www.capenature.co.za/reserves.htm?reserve=Grootvadersbosch+Nature+Reserve
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