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  1. How Far do you guys go. And est time of arriving back at Pro Cycles?
  2. Had a ran(Cycled) in to a Rinkhals two days ago. Scary as hell when it stands up gets spit ready. I also find energy like there is no tomorrow. 3rd time now it has happened. This one being the biggest. Don't go anywhere with out your phone. At least you can get hold of someone. If your phone is to fancy get a a cheapy and always make sure it is charged and has a working sim.
  3. I don't like Crankbrothers seat posts at all. To much issues. I'll take the rest as it is.
  4. I'm on a 29er with the 2x10 (39T and 26T in front, with 36-11) gearing and found my climbing had improved dramatically. I might we working a little harder but I get up there faster. Never use to pass anyone uphill now it seems to be a common thing. I haven't had a complete blow out yet but have been finishing races finished if you know what I mean. I don't call it granny gear anymore it is now OUPA gear. The only issue i've been having with the 2x10 is chain slack. Going down hills big ring front small at the back. my chain sometimes comes off the big ring or is slapping my ankle in the process. Anyone else noticed this with the 2x10
  5. www.waterpoint.co.za
  6. Done and dusted. Only issue I saw was witht the parking at the venue. But for the race. I've never done so much single track in one race. or so much steep climbing. Never had an issue with bottle necks. I suppose it helps if you start in the right seeeding. Thank you to the organizers
  7. HI guys Is there anyone that has the actual garmin file. Would like to have a look at it a little closer. Image on facebook can hardly see anything.
  8. Idea on prices. Just check on of the links u put up. they don't ship here! http://www.cyclelab.com/products/THULE%20EUROWAY%203%20BIKE.aspx Other one not so easy to understand ;-)
  9. Any idea what codes or % i would pay if i bring in a bike rack?
  10. Give Kyle a call 076 214 9645 I bought some Rockets from him. love it AS far as I know they deliver
  11. Awesome stuff can't wait. Booking that weekend for riding only!!!!!
  12. Dubber It is loads of fun. so you are definitely missing out. If only they advertised when and where it is happening it will be easier to enter and get involved. Enjoy riding Hefty
  13. Hi Vinny I had no technicals so that was good. Had a guy with a Gopro behind me and caught me sliding around a corner luckly not a fall. I saved it. I thought I got lapped but it was the pro's or the under 23's so i was taking it easy after the 3rd lap thinking I'm wasting my time. But I ended up coming 2nd. sounds cool but would have been beter if there was 100s of people right. ;-) Anyway for not I know the guys that perform is far out my league I'm just enjoying the more technical rides as well. Will let you know if i get any video. Hefty
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