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  1. Really the only way to eliminate the risk is to cancel the event. As others mentioned, its about managing & lowering the risk, not eliminating the risk.
  2. Not a loop I would do without carefully checking the weather websites first... In winter you can sometimes find a few windless days, sometimes even the option to head home with a slight tailwind!
  3. Agree, with the quiet roads & few people around we always felt save - never a given in our country... Good luck and remember to post your pics!
  4. Very interesting concept... In my biased personal opinion I would not be too keen to do the unsupported bikepacking thing in the area (if I am going to do 10,500m climbing over 530km I prefer not to carry lots of extra stuff on my bike) + there are basically nowhere to resupply outside of the larger towns so it will take careful planning - but I am sure there are a few nutjobs willing to take on a challenge like this. There are certainly loads of scenic options, far more than what we could cover in 5 days at a generally leisurely pace. One event to look out for for people interested in riding in the area is the Maloti 100 miler in September, didn't happen this year but might be resurrected next year. You ride from Barkley East to Maclear via Rhodes and the Naudesnek pass. Certain its proper tough but beatiful route.
  5. Dale - have you seen the Old Malmesbury road (past Kalbaskraal) roadworks are finished? One can now do a nice tar loop from Durbanville to Malmesbury instead of an out-and-back.
  6. My Strava profile - all the rides should be public (let me know if its not) https://www.strava.com/athletes/2996653 Chris - in short we made Rhodes Hotel our base, left our cars there. We had one support car for the ride. Nice old platteland hotel, very cheap. The town is also stunning with other accommodation options Day 1 we cycled from Rhodes up to to the top of Naudesnek, there is a lodge called Tenahead (was the only expensive accommodation of the tour), a buddy & I felt energetic and cycled down & up the Natal side of Naudesnek as well. Day 2 We cycled from Tenahead to Tiffendel along the Tiffendel-Teneahead-Traverse, a 30km contour jeeptrack along the Lesotho border (the only day a 4x4 was needed for the support vehicle). Tiffendale is unfortunately closed at the moment (think its bankrupt), but the guard at the gate was happy for us to take the track up to Ben McDhui, about 8km from the Tiffendell turn-off but give yourself about 2 hours to go up & down. From there we cycled back to Rhodes down Carlislepass - ridiculously steep, don't think its really possible to cycle up there without walking, was happy to go down it Day 3 We cycled from Rhodes to Wartrail, we stayed at Frosty Peaks, a self catering farmhouse but the farmer provided food for braais & breakfasts Day 4 we did an out and back from Wartrail over Lundean's nek pass to Telle, a town on the border of Lesotho - if one feels like it you can extend the day to cycle to the border post or up in Dangershoek Day 5 we cycled from Wartrail to Barkley East, via Balloch, a stunning farm (looks a bit like a Disney movie setting) where the Sky Run from Lady Gray stops over, was about 60km in total. Also nice scenery and some interesting historic bridges & railway tracks. Stayed over in Barkly East. On average we did about 50km a day, which doesn't sound much but between the high altitude (you are almost always above 2500m on day 1 and 2) and the climbing it's quite draining, I worked in a few extra breakfast rides and in total I did more than 7000m of climbing with just over 300km of riding. There are very few people (and no shops & restaurants) along the road, so make sure to take all you need along. Always felt save, no chance of taking a wrong turn and ending up in a dodgy area. Roads are in a good condition (except for the tracks on Day 2) Other alternatives would be to find time to ride Volunteershoek pass between Tiffendell and Wartrail which we didn't have time for (preferably down), stay over in Balloch farm which is picturesque and find a way to incorporate Joubert's Pass to Lady Gray which I understand is also very scenic.
  7. Just remember groups are not all the same size, racing bunches tend to be smaller and then the later bunches usually bigger
  8. Visited the mountain passes near Rhodes - why this cycling heaven is mostly ignored by cyclists is a bit beyond me... Town of Rhodes Naude's nek (3rd highest mountain pass in South Africa - both sides) Jumped the gate at Tiffendell (green houses in the middle of the photo) and went up the 4x4 jeep track to Ben McDhui - highest road in South Africa and highest mountain in the Cape Down Carlislepass back to Rhodes - gradient is ridiculous From Wartrail we went over Lundean's nek pass to the border with Lesotho - views for days (a bit like Bainskloof on gravel) Last day rode from Wartrail to Barkley East via Balloch farm
  9. Given that you only need an index of about 20 to get into the CTCT racing groups this year I think its fine? (Assuming because of lower entries & everybody's seeding taking a whack due to lack of races the requirements are far more forgiving)
  10. Usually they use the Tygerberg mtb routes with a few additions. Route must still be determined but I expect it to be tough with lots of climbing and not gravelable
  11. Stopped over in Graaf-Reinet last week on our way to riding the mountain passes around Rhodes (will post pics later), wanted to go ride Valley of Desolation but one of my companions convinced me it is closed for cyclists. The Bastard 🙈🤬... Now I see on Strava it is fairly frequently cycled...
  12. No way I'm querying my seeding 😄 My most recent result is a mediocre CTCT 2020 time where I was dropped in the first 5km. If they check again I might just be dropped down 10 groups..
  13. I think the idea is not to absolutely guarantee that no one attending has covid or spread covid. It is to reduce the risk, and the negative test is a concession for those who for whatever reason are not vaccinated at the time of the event.
  14. With Mongooseman here - maybe we should wait for the official announcement before we queue the outrage 🤣 Also a bit worried about the accuracy of those rapid tests, would be ticked off if a false positive prevents me from doing the CTCT Much prefer the idea of a vaccine passport for the pro-vaxxers and let the anti-vaxxers bring a negative test result to enter the stadium... 😝
  15. If you genuinely think the organisors would just delay the announcement to take your money to line their own pockets without bothering to organise the race you shouldn't have entered the CTCT in the first place.
  16. Cool thread. One also has to say not all entrants are rich, CEO's or riding on sponsorships there quite a number of "middle class" people without tons of disposable income who pay their own way even if they have to beg, borrow, steal to get the money to do this event (some of them more than once). It's hard to understand exactly what motivate people to do that (as opposed to the all expenses paid bike trip to Europe with which the price tag is often compared to) Don't have the answers but I guess it is a bucket list thing given its very high profile and the opportunity to ride "alongside" pros & other cyclists from all over the world. Not a question that is easy to ask people who are doing it without sounding like a jealous ass..
  17. I have done a few of his events and it was generally decently organised with some hiccups here and there, one that was cancelled I got a complete refund. So not completely adverse about doing one of his events again. My peeve is that he is not always honest & transparent with his clients, often a stuff up/late fix/change will be marketed to us in flowery speak as an improvement when it very obviously isn't. I don't buy the story that the Rapport tour was cancelled due to covid, especially now with an alternative being organised for December right when the 4th wave is expected. That said I think there is a big need for a proper multi-day road tour us amateurs can take part in, especially one involving our scenic passes like Du Toitskloof/Franschoek/Bainskloof and he is the only oke who is at least taking a stab at it (even though his latest offering only includes one of the passes) I'm not going to take part but I'm holding thumbs he can pull it off and that his event will be successful, I like the idea of hosting it in December, really miss the old Stellenbosch Cycle Tour a week of 2 after the DC.
  18. I don't think so, seems there is no affiliation with PPA anymore? Only WP Cycling
  19. Not something I would do personally but people complaining on the hub about not getting medals at events is about as old as the hub itself
  20. To everyone bashing the peeps complaining about the medals, remember that for many this might be the only race they do this year (or at least the first race in 2 or 3 years with covid). For many casual cyclists cycling 97km is an achievement (especially in this weather) & medals are pretty standard at funrides so it is something many participants want & expect to receive. Not everyone do 20+ races a year and have boxes full of the things lying around in the garage. Think the organisers gave a good explanation of why they didn't hand out medals and in hindsight it is something they could have communicated better before the event.
  21. Don't get your hopes up too much, those Beta calcs are a bit of a black box mystery. I have done my fair share of races in adverse weather conditions which had no notable impact on the beta.
  22. Assuming its going to be the same vibe as Tour of Good Hope then yes, general public can enter and you wouldn't need to be part of a team.
  23. The same people organising the Rapport Tour, so maybe more a case of Rapport pulling out than covid being the reason for the Rapport tour being cancelled?
  24. Yes the weather forecasts are looking better, including a bit of a tailwind on the homestretch after Bothma's 😀 Happy with my seeding, hopefully I can at least keep it that way until the Argus
  25. Not a particularly tough route, you should be fine. Keep something in the tank for the Bothmaskloof climb halfway, thereafter its generally downhill with some rollers to the finish. Like JBR say, see if you can find a group you can hang onto. Though things might get a bit hairy in groups if roads are wet...
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