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  1. It's good practice to adjust your grinder as beans age, the velocity of your shots will also tell a story and guide if a tweak is required. Some machines are also more tolerant and a firmer tamp will also do the trick? A scale is your best friend when it comes to dialing in your shot along with your palete! Volume doesn't always tell the full story. You ultimately want a tried and tested routine and recipe that can be successfully repeated to ensure consistency.
  2. Different beans also perform better at different brewing temperatures. But the greatest impact on the final beverage temperature will be the milk. Too hot and you kill the sweetness of the milk and ultimately the drink.
  3. Ja hey. The car dealers come to mind. Lol. Quite an irritation. Never experienced this with bike shops though but then again my bike seldom goes to the bike shop
  4. My 2 cents. Being part of community requires a level of participation to a degree or am I wrong. Following with no profile or account and then expecting "community benefits" doesn't fly with me. It's also apparent that you only use the Hub for your buying and selling hobby.
  5. Thanks Andrew I however suspect that the problem is linked to the sealing of the gauge.
  6. Good question. My Lezyne gauge doesn't work but inflates perfectly. Would love to address this at some point
  7. How absent minded are you? A friend eventually fitted a towbar and will be selling his roof option. Forgot about his bike on roof too many times! Fuel economy has been mentioned but the wind noise is something to think about. A proper towbar option will serve you well for many years.
  8. Nice. Similarly priced to the Niche which has received rave reviews with a similar footprint. Not sure what the landed price is on the Niche is though and don't think I've seen any available locally as yet. I would be in for a great single dosed grinder but until the SJ is doing fine and hasn't skipped a beat in close on 6 years now.
  9. Love the Acme cups. Was just gifted a new colour recently as well.
  10. Have used AMS clear for years, definitely protected my steed on many an occasion. I reckon the protection and longevity will be hard to beat. Armour looks interesting, particularly the fact that they offer free fitment. The lekker thing about AMS is that you can remove and reapply quite easily.
  11. Ai, the humble dropper post. I reckon one of the best things ever to happen to mountain biking. Will never ride without one.
  12. Another emphatic statement!
  13. I reckon Pog fancies another stage win!
  14. A champion's ride today from Pog. Love it when the yellow jersey stamps their authority on a race.
  15. So the assumption is that fraud is at play? Naked Insurance process requests that one uploads pics (selfies in fact) of the bike to be covered along with replacement quotations supplied by a bike shop. I therefore queried the fact that proof of payment was requested.
  16. Why would you need proof of purchase if you uploaded pics to their site along with replacement quotations? Referring to Naked Insurance
  17. http://www.tablemountainbikers.co.za/product/dog-ears-gps-replace-broken-garmin-tabs/
  18. Doubtful that they'll help out. There is an option out there to address the problem though. Can't recall the brand though,
  19. Steaming wise? Improvement on ability to create microfoam? I cut my teeth on the Oscar so when I upgraded I saw a great improvement in my milk texture
  20. Thought the same. Almost like click bait
  21. I calibrate to head unit before every ride as a general practice.
  22. Apologies, was asking Wayne, trying to establish the longevity of the shock
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