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  1. I tried that on the Medallion, with the chaos of the registration ended up riding with my old seeding. I rather went in the week to fetch the new number, easier to eliminate the new seeding on the morning and then have to pin the number again.
  2. Nice one Clint Snap it up quickly Wantfast, at this time Argus Entries go like hot cakes...
  3. Check the winning time of the 99er, seems like Superman made his appearance. Averaging at 58.06km/h
  4. Soggy

    99er crash out

    Yeah man, I also passed many accidents. I was almost involved in on at Fisantekraal, someone messed up their line and took out about 10 cyclists behind. I also saw the cyclist covered in a blanket on a drip with his head bandaged. Not a nice sight. There was another on who went down and a farmer protected the area with his bakkie, big ups!! Not nice to see so many accidents, but well done to organizers and a great race and thanks to the marshals
  5. What an awesome race, but sad to see so many accidents. Hope the guys affected are ok
  6. http://www.bike-manu...uicyult_eng.pdf Maybe this might help
  7. I would go for Windguru, but I dont think you can see history, its only a forecast website
  8. Damn Youtube, blocked at work??!?!??!
  9. http://norcalcyclingnews.com/words/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/hulks.jpg
  10. Fun, fitness, and personal goals. Nothing like the feeling of finishing a race, legs burning, exhausted from the sprint and with the medal around the neck. great feeling. and helps to keep the stomach off, lol
  11. Custom home built GT-iDrive 4.0, love this bike!!
  12. I hit 75km/h on the Argus........down the back of Chappies......with the wind behind me I'm also on the same page, I got strong legs but am held up by my weight. At 1.9m and 94.7kg, it requires a huge effort to climb fast. Trying to drop the kilo's which will in turn make me faster automatically. Not fast at all, did my first Argus at 4h30m by only recreational cycles as training. Hoping to crack into the sub 4 hour soon.
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