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  1. 100% true Rumour has it he is leading Lampre Merida with Costa attacking for stage wins.
  2. Gerald, where is your fantasy TDF thread? Ahh found it... But how on earth did you guys allow a legendary thread like that fall to page 2?
  3. ONLY one South African?! Wow this is bad! Also disappointing to see lead out men selected instead of the two Spanish climbers. Basically its team built 100% around Cavendish and flat stages.
  4. Recently I saw Cavendish winning the TdF at 2,500/1... Not bad when you consider that Leicester City won the Premier league at 5,000/1.
  5. Here's an example of how distributors are ripping of South African consumers... CW Cycles (who presumably use grey market stuff) sometimes sell products (such as Continental tyres) at half the retail price. Not only this, but I've heard from bike shops that many of their specials are infact lower than the cost price bike shops are paying for them. Go figure.
  6. I'm having a good laugh now as I remember some users recently slating me and throwing insults my way when I mentioned that wherever possible I bypass the ripoff South African distributors. Ja nee
  7. Or use PayPay to buy $10 credit in your U.S. account.
  8. I actually enjoyed this race. A few things worth mentioning. 1. Julian Alaphilippe is the real deal and in years to come, may be France's best shot at winning their tour. 2. Neilson Powess is a superstar in the making! Be excited American fans!! 3. Phil Liggett is starting to lose the plot... Some of the cr@p he spoke of was mind boggling.
  9. I hear the leaders jersey won't be pink this year...
  10. They were probably preparing for the Tour of Flanders this weekend...
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