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  1. nope, I spin the cassette on the wheel off the bike and it touches the spokes, jimmied a plastic spacer and it solved it , but now I need a longer lock ring. Not happy with plastic either.
  2. I have just upgraded to 12 speed, using the sunrace 11-50 cassette. Problem I have is it is rubbing on the spokes. The hub is a Novetec 712 with a shimano hg freehub. Do i need a spacer of sorts? If so where do I get it?
  3. I was chased by 2 BMs wielding knifes, had a bit of sprint training this morning! Managed to out sprint them but was a little too close for comfort. Area: Centurion, Lenchen ave, (the new road and bridge over the rietspruit river) -25.87584023056238, 28.121327051582103 I was coming down ruimte rd, turned left into lenchen they came out of the trees just after the bridge as the climb starts. In hindsight I was not watching around me but head down preparing to climb, luckily I heard the running foot steps, pulled away faster than Brad Binder! Stay safe guys!
  4. Reviving this topic, anyone know if the farm is still open to park at?
  5. set up a paypal account with a fake us address for Hulu (google fake usa address) Use a VPN when setting up amazon, change billing address to a fake one. You have a few areas to change the billing address so look carefully
  6. you could fly to europe, buy it there and have lunch cheaper!
  7. think I am going back to motocross, it is far cheaper......
  8. if someone actually sold them less than the Shimano R785 then they would work
  9. I need to pair a 9 speed deore rear derailleur with road hydraulic disk brakes, anyone know if there is a shimano 10 speed sti lever that will work?
  10. The wheels will make you faster, being faster than your wife will keep you alive, no problem....
  11. set your location to SA and ZAR, UK VAT is not included in the price
  12. looks that way, the ones I looked at yesterday are now correct
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