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  1. Shimano changed the cable pull ratios between 9 an 10 speed.
  2. Not true, this is the reference paragraph to the table posted: "Cassette standards differ by number of speeds, i.e. by the number of sprockets on a cassette. Generally: the more speeds (sprockets), the thinner a single sprocket gets and the more densely they are packed (less distance between adjacent sprockets). Distance between the middles of two adjacent sprockets is called “cassette pitch” (different from sprocket pitch, that defines adjacent teeth distance)." https://bike.bikegremlin.com/3573/bicycle-cassette-rear-chainrings-standards/ Whether a derailleur and shifter will work together is dependent on the cable pull ratios http://blog.artscyclery.com/science-behind-the-magic/science-behind-the-magic-drivetrain-compatibility/ Though in the real world some of the combinations listed in the above article not to work, do actualy work just fine.
  3. Just for clarity, that table above refers to the cassette spacing only, so you could mix and match cassette brands between complete group sets. There some reports on the net of people mixing Sram shifter with a Shimano derailleur, this may work, but is not covered by that table though, as this would rely on cable pull ratios instead. Shimano actually uses a very similar pull ratio on the derailleur side across 10 - 11 - 12 speed and I've used a 11spd rear derailleur with a 10spd drive train, which works beautifully. Even used a M7000 12spd rear on and 11spd drive train, but they are designed for 51T cassettes so you can't wind in the B-set enough on a 46T so it is very noisy at the top, shifts fine though. Sorry I don't have a shifter for you. Have a derailleur, but shifter is buggered.
  4. Some nice mods he's got on that machine, also the Silvia steam wand. The older machine does have a couple things they have moved away from with the newer model, if memory serves me correctly the solenoid valve is one thing. I'm very happy with my Classic, but that price is a bit steep, especially second hand, even if it does have a PID. With that money you could pick up a used Simonelli Oscar rather.
  5. I have some older 10 speed kit I can dig out. Shifters are i-spec B though, so mounting them could be an issue. Also have an 11T from a 10spd cassette.
  6. Pivot bearings, basically assume they need to be replaced. Full complement suspension bearings are very expensive, and only really available through bike shops by brands like Enduro. You can get generic bearings, from a bearing supplier, but they will be cage type. These do work but last half as long though are a quarter of the price which is ok if you replace yourself. Shock bushings Then also when was the shock last serviced fully. I've just been down this road, though thankfully Droo @ Stoke Suspension helped me out. Full suspension is great, but requires a lot more looking after with maintenance.
  7. The MT200's are not Enduro style stoppers so don't expect that kind of performance, but as a basic brake, for the money are difficult to beat. The levers are 3 finger, so not as compact and ergonomic as higher end Shimano stuff, but that feel is personal preference.
  8. A note on the Elixir "wheel" adjustment, you can just use the Allen key head that is behind the lever instead of using that useless plastic wheel.
  9. Knipe Racing, R250 to replace thread when I called them.
  10. Just fitted a set of Rapidé rims 2 months ago... already completed destroyed the rear
  11. Answer all depends on what rims are currently fitted and also what you would land up replacing rims or hub with and also in relation to what kind of riding you do. Certain Stan's rims can be susceptible to cracking down the line. If looked after correctly, cup and cone hubs can works just fine. I'm a little concerned that the 2nd bike shop said they would not even service them but just replace. Have they actually inspected the hubs and bearings before making this call? Rough hubs good be poorly adjust bearing preload or not correctly locking the the nuts. Cone spanners are a very cheap addition to the tool box.
  12. Just a not on the "broken part" or "grinding" on the swing arm, that is just a loop for you to cable tie the hose in place, they used to were through on most of those Giant models, I eventually just left it unattached so would not be worried. The clear coat flaking is most likely from a front derailleur that came fitted stock. As for the crack, get a professional opinion first before Bikehub pitch forks someone again. Pictures can't diagnose it. But good job on a thorough inspection, that's the underside of the link and most people would never have seen it. I doubt the previous owner is even aware of it. If you not happy and eventually get hold of the seller, just try reverse the deal.
  13. If you desperate a shim can be made from a soda can
  14. Looking for a couple of these that won't cost the price of a whole replacement shifter.
  15. Only used paper filters personally. Lots of people including myself rinse and reuse them a couple times.
  16. Lots of us. Makes a great cupper and is my go to when traveling, paired with a Hario grinder.
  17. NIce! Will take a couple ride to get used to it, or even remember that it is there. Up for climbs, Down for descents and drop it just an inch for those twisty single tracks.
  18. PM'ed you if you change your mind. Even half of it.
  19. Nothing aa good as the real stuff. Droo at Stoke suspension always has a stock.
  20. Alouette3


    Can you post a picture?
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