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  1. I also have a 910 and my 910's suspension also does not lock out fully. That is how it is supposed to be as far as I know. I do not know of any setup that fully lock's out fully and I really do not know why they call it a "lock out" instead of a firm or climb setting.
  2. So how would you go about buying directly? How will you determine the size you need? Should you have bought the wrong size, would you expect the manufacturer to send you a replacement frame/bike because strictly speaking that bike is second hand once you take delivery of it. Do you make your choice of the bike you want on a picture you have seen on a computer or seen someone else's bike? Would you buy the bike without test riding it and making sure it "feels right"?
  3. Swift sell direct to the customer as far as I know
  4. Thanks for the reply. I did not know much about Medihelp's history and you have raised some interesting points. I have been very fortunate that I have never needed any serious medical treatment and for the odd doctor's visit they seemed good enough. I have not been to a doctors office in the last 3 years and neither have I used my medical aid in the same period. I must admit that I have been a bit slack in the sense that I have not checked up on my benefits in the last few years and perhaps it is time to have a look at it and make a change should it be necessary.
  5. Is there something I should know about Medihelp?
  6. 29er wheels also looked weird when they first came out.
  7. Something tells me that the OP won't be commenting on this thread again.
  8. Always remember: You can make a bike look good. A bike can't make you look good. But yes, it is rather disappointing to find out that a distributor does not have parts in stock to keep your group-set stock.
  9. http://twigandthistle.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/TandT_DIY_Gold_Staples_3.jpg
  10. Racefood........Fastbar and Farbar are my go-to bars. Taste great, very easy to eat even when going hard as they aren't dry and they are small/compact and their packaging is very easy to open whilst riding. Oh and it seems it's all natural (Real Food) ingredients. http://www.racefood.co.za/
  11. If you plan on doing big solo breakaways then yes it probably helps. If you plan on doing mountainous tours in the Lowveld then it may not help so much. Sitting in a bunch I don't think it has so much advantage over another bike but I do think the chunkier frame may add some stiffness which will help when you have to put the power down. I love the look of some of the aero frames.....will I buy one because of it's advantages over a conventional frame......maybe not. I must first work on getting my own body more aero before I can justify buying a aero bike for it's advantages.
  12. Jis dis rof And just last week whilst riding Velo I was thinking how fortunate the group has been because we have not had a big accident in a very long time. Some of the riders involved has had a horrid time with crashes/injuries in the past year. If I remember correct it's less than a year ago when Jackie had that big crash on his way to Velo?
  13. One of the ladies got very badly hurt. She had to undergo some surgery after the crash but thankfully her condition is stable. I also know of some other riders with some bad bruises but don't have an update on all riders. I did not join the ride on Saturday. Do you have any idea what caused the crash? As far as I can figure out it happened on Boschkop road after the downhill from the chicken farm?
  14. Ah ok. I rode next to you at some stage. I was one of the riders in the Energas kit
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