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  1. i asked questions on a cycling whatsapp group who happen to be involved in the muizenberg, kalk bay neighbourhood watch. A pedestrian in the area reported the same thing, same car to the NHW and they checked the cameras in the area. Quite a few people helped.
  2. yes. it was about 07:30... we got the video footage and the reg. it has been reported with SAPS and they will deal with it now.
  3. Good Morning Im looking for anyone that saw or witnessed an incident on the road this morning on the Clovelly corner going into Fish Hoek. My wife and her riding partner were heading down Clovelly corner into Fish Hoek when a Silver (dinged up back end) Yaris pulled up next to them, the passenger climbed half out the passenger side window, looked at them and threw a glass of alcohol (white spirits apparently) onto them. There were 4 coloured male occupants in the car. Did anyone else have any hassles from these guys this morning? If so did anyone get the reg of the car? There was a bit of traffic on the roads so maybe someone riding or driving saw them? Thnx.
  4. Hello I have a new iPhone 8+. I can't get my Garmin 920XT to pair with the phone. The phone finds the Garmin but fails to pair... any ideas?
  5. contact the guys at BikeMob. They just replaced one of my brakes as i popped the bladder that cant be fixed, a whole new brake had to be bought. My old brake may still be laying around the workdhop... maybe theyll hook you up.
  6. there have been a few different reports on this... where exactly did this happen? was it on a trail or was it on the sports fields?
  7. what i find entertaining is that the people of Noordhoek are very happy to drive over the mountains to drop their kids off at other schools and cause traffic every morning in other towns... but threaten their peaceful morning roads and all hell breaks loose.
  8. there are a few people in that area that really are selfish. its embarrassing.
  9. Thnx for the advice Chris.... i had the problem fixed and its working like a beaut now! great rack!
  10. i thought that might be the problem but another rack fits...
  11. Thanks Rory I have since worked out that the 4 teeth that clamp onto the ball of the tower are not functioning correctly. One of the teeth don't open up enough so therefore the ball can't pass up into the slot. So now i have to deal with Thule and get it sorted...
  12. Morning I have just bought a Thule VeloCompact 927. I can't get it to clamp onto the tow bar. I was using a EuroClassic 929 and have no no issues getting it on. I called Thule and they said that I must remove the plastic cover type thing under the handle as it restricts the handle movement. Without it it'll open more apparently. Can someone confirm if the plastic cover in the pic is the one that must be removed and if so how does it come off? Has anyone had this issue or have any other ideas? To me it doesn't look like the plastic 'cover' doesn't come off too easily.
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