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  1. 38ish 1.88m (With a high "Ape-index".. ie Looong arms) 97.5kg Size XL MTB (Giant Anthem) Size 58 Road Bike (Spez Tarmac, some days I miss her ) Linkin Park till I die
  2. At what point is "name & shame" acceptable on BH? Correct answer: As soon as the Seller's/Buyer's/WoodCollector's name rhymes with Buan Tewsher
  3. Jip, he was scheduled to do the Giro and then miss the TDF. But with his fractures, I am hoping for a Kolisi-esque recovery to be fit again for TDF. But it is probably only a pipe dream. I think he is the one rider that could have given MvdP a run for his money this past weekend, but alas, we will have to wait for P-R 2025 to see that rematch.
  4. My biased view is that they should set Kuss free to go for GC, but then as a team they should just focus on going stage hunting for WvA, bump up his 9 stage victories to 15 and bag the Green jersey...
  5. If it was F1, there would have been rumours already of changing the rules to bring back competitiveness... This guy is really something else, but he needs a WvA or Pogi to make it a spectacle. (MvdP will still win most of those encounters though )
  6. 1m28 opened up in 10kms. It's over. The rest are riding for 2nd. Alpecin 1-2-3?
  7. 57km solo anyone?
  8. Looked ominous when MvdP and Phillipsen was away, but with that puncture it has all been reset. Anyone's race from here. MvdP still the odds-on favourite, but I'm thinking someone "unexpected" will win: Pidcock, Bissenger or the like.
  9. Of all the criticism of the chicane, not a single fall. Let's see what happens from here. I'll be screaming for Mads! (I see Laporte is way too far behind)
  10. I'm really sorry for the guy. He was crying in agony sitting on the floor for everyone to hear. It must be massively painful, both physically and mentally, especially after all the preparations and focus on the classics this season. Mark this post for future reference: he is going to come back a Man Possessed. Wish him a speedy recovery.
  11. FFS! Seems his Classics season is over.
  12. Cool, understood. But for the love of all things proportional and geometrically sound, please consider mounting the handlebars at 45° or at the very least 30°. This 20° nonsense hurts my eyes.
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