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  1. Hi Guys, I know it's a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone has a Thule Euroway that they are stripping for spares. The locking lever that attaches the rack to the towbar broke and Thule wont sell me a new one as it's a "safety concern". The rest of the rack is 100% and I don't particularly want to take a second bond to buy a new one. I'm located in Gauteng. Forever hopeful.
  2. Terrible news, wishing Lynette a speedy recovery.
  3. Could they not identify the attacker from his thumbprint?
  4. Hi, I operate independently as a licensed ErgoFiT technician, but my fitment studio is situated in Ridgeway Cycles in Greenstone.
  5. I have a Tallboy and love it. I recently had a demo ride on a Scalpel race and was impressed, both bikes are really good - but the SC is just better! IMHO
  6. As mentioned above, check the angle of your saddle - it should be level ( make sure the bike is on a level surface before you do this). If the saddle is tilted forward you place increased pressure on your hands, this could be your problem. If it persists send me a PM, I do Ergofit setups and am based in Edenvale.
  7. Pinarello Montello, 1988. Columbus SLX tubing, Shimano 600 gruppo, Campy rims, TTT bars and stem. Turbo attic 2 saddle
  8. Save up and buy a set of Hopes, problem solved!
  9. Just buy the bike, the Tallboy is the best bike I've ever owned ( and I've owned many)
  10. I'm gutted that I'm missing this one. If SSWC 2012 and Farmasutra were anything to go by - this is going to be off the charts, have a good one peeps!!
  11. But you have to admit that there is a resemblance. Have to admire his ability though.
  12. mFair enough, I'm probably just being biased ' cos I don't want monkey boy to win!
  13. The new shop is very easy to locate, from the KFC follow the flags along the pavement to the lower entrance.
  14. There was a definite gap between Froome and Quintana over the line, they should never have been given the same time. My 2 cents.
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