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  1. If you can do basic metalwork and have a vice, drill, angle grinder and a decent set of tools; then a scissor lift is very easy to make it's just very boring. My neighbour, who has the practical skills of a Victorian child, made one to work on his bikes.
  2. Phone them, then you're harder to ignore.
  3. cfcjim


    Bit of both I think...
  4. Good luck with the meds, a mate of mine has suffered with awful Gout I would not wish it on anyone. I've tried to make him eat fewer processed foods and reduce his meat intake but not had too much success so far. I'll show him your posts and perhaps it'll help. Well done.
  5. When I've been riding in and around Cape Town, taxis are usually very helpful: one escorted me through Sea Point after the driver had seen I'd been left hooked by a twat in bakkie. And as mentioned above, using them at busy intersections is often a godsend.
  6. Perhaps he was on his way to Pimp of the Year.
  7. My normal reaction these days to someone who does something annoying whilst I'm on the bike is a sad shake of the head, which in my mind conveys utter disappointment at the actions of the individual. They probably don't notice but it makes me feel better than shouting or arm waving. The few that do notice sometimes apologise with a shrug or a wave of acknowledgement. The others don't give a toss. A long time ago I was forced into a kerb by a bloke in a luxury SUV while he was on the phone. Once he'd stopped after noticing my frantic bashing at his passenger door I asked him if his Bluetooth was faulty. He had a meltdown, a big sweary meltdown. I'm not a big bloke or intimidating but tellingly he didn't get out of the vehicle to confront me while I smirked at my excellent quip. <insert raised Roger Moore eyebrow> His utter rage at my smart-arse remark was a sight to behold, especially as he'd almost crushed my bike. My partner (who's a psychologist) reckoned his rage was probably at himself and his own failings more than anything else, Oh and he was probably a tiny-dicked-virgin.
  8. Antony Beevor's anniversary edition of The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. I have familial connections with the Basque people.
  9. As this thread seems to encourage pedantry (which is a noble cause). That sir is a tautology.
  10. It's called "Patina". At least that's what classic bike dealers call it when trying to pass off rust and scratches...
  11. Yeah, seems odd that you can't comment on an advert and clear up any misunderstandings...
  12. That's interesting, thanks for the info. I think with the trucks I've been a bit unlucky cycling through at home/arrival time for some of the maddest muthas.
  13. Cheers H, I'll be in touch when I'm about to launch.
  14. Lucky you, those last 5km are the dodgiest.
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