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  1. My mate Ollie recently completed the build of his awesome house in Auckland, living the dream! The Tahi House This home was specific architecturally designed by the talented @icrstudio to suit the needs of our amazing clients. Designed as an E-House, the home has fantastic energy efficient solutions along with very modern design trends which you can read more about on our website. Although the house floor plan is modest it has everything our clients need as a lock and leave home for their busy and active lifestyle. We loved the journey on this one and want to thank all involved including Ollie and Hilary for partnering with Neo Build. @ Auckland, New Zealand
  2. I really tried to keep it "clean" trying to focus on female pro riders or at least active in the riding community rather than just a model on a bike but it was probably doomed from the start. I reported many inappropriate images myself but comments I left as they were citing freedom of speech and all that. As the father of a daughter some of the comments were truly cringy but as Matt/admin did I turned a blind eye...to each their own and you can interpret the pics as you see fit I thought. That said the thread encouraged locker room banter that at times was wrong and just plain, objectified women and would be hurtful if viewed by said woman. In recent months I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the nature of the thread and at times tried to distance myself from it. Those sorts of comments wouldn't be posted on the lady's Instagram page so what makes it OK for them to be passed in a forum? I for one am glad it's been shut down, it was getting out of hand.
  3. Coming on hot! https://www.instagram.com/p/B7PTPBWgp71/?igshid=vjcacwg8o6us
  4. Insane slack line transfer [emoji44] https://www.instagram.com/p/B7G-tDaHeCH/
  5. Good point! Never thought of that. Cyclists on general have low bone density, weight training would help.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/7915287987/permalink/10157665538692988/
  7. I think his arm will be fine, had the same break in the same place, I'm sure he'll regain full funtion. I agree with recovery time though, could even be a little longer. I did my first MTB race 4 months after my surgery, obviously took it really easy though. Painful weight training helped to build up bone density after months of physio.
  8. Looks like a spiral fracture... I'm guessing two ti plates and maybe 20 screws
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