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  1. I ride Specialized Diverge Comp . My weapon of choice . I ride my mtb only when real mtb riding required . The Diverge has the suspension in the stem as well as under saddle . Very few g bikes has it and makes for a very comfy ride on gravel and tar . Love it !
  2. OK, I'm also in Sedge from 23/12 till 6/01. Packing only my gravel bike this year . Used to do the Karatara loop , about 50km . Mostly tar with a bit of gravel inbetween .
  3. Oh , how did you find us here ? Shouldn't you be making meaningful contributions in your other thread ?
  4. Why are most of the contributors to the "TIME TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE" thread from outside of RSA ???
  5. Maybe give this one a chance http://www.roag.co.za/media/365746/vulintabaextreme_poster_2018.jpg
  6. We were doing 12 - 15 hr weeks in Nov Dec . 6Hrs a week is a little thin , my opinion .
  7. Can somebody tell me , was there a difference in the paintjob between the 2015 and 2016 Scalpel Team ?
  8. Thanks V12 , will certainly give it a go
  9. I've got basically the same thing . Had to change my bike setup day 1 Sani after my seatpost snapped . Had almost no seatpost and sat very low . Had a long painful day . Changed seatpost , but on day 3 the pain hit me on the outside of my knee , I cried every with every pedal stroke for the final 25km's . What now ? Sorry for the hijack of your thread .
  10. I'd like to know more about the scan you had . Where and how much ? If you don't mind .
  11. Yes, but not all the way . Quiet enough
  12. QwaQwa Kestell too dangerous . Rather go to Verkykerskop . Tar all the way there and a very quiet road . Used by local farmers . 100km Out and back.
  13. Also in for Adventure . Our second , lux tent option for this year .
  14. I have been back on statins for the last 6 months . Lately I'm feeling more and more fatigued . Battle to lift my backside out of bed in the morning . Not feeling sick , just really tired . Can this be because of statins . I have never been a happy chappie on any chronic meds .
  15. I'm 1.95m and weigh 106kg . Finished Epic 14 at 104kg . I think the average rider weight was 78kg or there about . I really hoped that with all that training I will hit double digits again , but not .
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