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  1. First time doing the event (60 mile) and on my gravel bike. Got a puncture in the first 10km which was not ideal as I was feeling up to it on the day. Stop to fix the puncture with the plug which unfortunately came out so had to plug again and stop again to pump thereafter At the 2nd water point at Malgas I used the proper pump of the tech station and that lasted to the end of the 60 miles. I pushed on a bit after the wheel issues and manage to finish in 04h40'eish which I'm happy with but the legs are still feeling it today. The later start of the 60 mile was better in terms of light and also had less riders, but agree not sure why you want to climb over things to get to the front and push your way in. If you are that strong you have 60 miles to make your break so don't be a d@@s that time of the morning. The roosterkoek was a disappointment to me after all the hype, I expected the proper type which I normally buy on the way to Swellendam at a farm stall. I made up for it by stopping there on the way back, do yourselves a favour and stop at Bonfrutti and order a roosterkoek The weather was great although the start was freezing. Looking forward to do the event again next year and will sign up for the 60 mile again. The surface was fine for the gravel bike ... just the last bit over the grass field was lekker bumpie.
  2. Looking forward to my first event on the gravel bike.
  3. I'm a huge Giant fan and looked at the Revolt as a gravel bike option. Ended up settling for the Titan Switch Pro. Running 43mm Panaracer tyres, what a pleasure. The value is hard to beat, carbon bike with full Ultegra at the same price of Alu and 105.
  4. Changed the tyres to 43mm panaracers and I'm surprised by the remaining clearance. Looking at Around the Pot as the first event on the bike, probably only the 60 mile option.
  5. Yes, got the bike and did about 3km with plakkies ... Planning to take it out this weekend for a ride.
  6. Placed my order on the Switch Pro. Will probably collect the week after Sani2C. Can't wait to ride it
  7. Agree that these two events are not the same. However, it seems like the concern from the K2C event organizers could be the additional medical attention that could be required due to riders riding the event on gravel bikes. It will be interesting to know the comparison or correlation between accidents involving gravel bikes vs mtb's on the Swartberg 100 as both bikes could enter and ride the event. The comparison between the two events, both events include high speed descents on gravel roads.
  8. The Swartberg 100 welcome gravel bikes and promote the use of them. However, not sure how this impacted on the number of accidents requiring medical attention during the event.
  9. The e-bike bit I can understand as handling one of those scooters between normal bikes on a route you probably require more skill than handling a gravel bike. The safety is a real concern however riding the k2c on a gravel bike is not purely to race it, plenty of fun on the day on the bike of your choice ... I see nothing about unicycles in the FAQ. Racing or not I have never finished in time for a hot shower in Knysna, doubt using a gravel bike will make any difference
  10. Wonder if i will be allowed on my vintage Nisiki ... I will be a great risk on that than on a gravel bike
  11. Thanks for picking that up
  12. So who is planning to do the K2C on a gravel bike this year? Once you are over Ou Wa pad and the rocky decent the gravel roads should be in a good condition to fly along on a gravel grinder
  13. Looked at the FARR website but seems like they have very limited bikes sizes available and the only agent in the Western Cape is a bike shop in Worcester which don't even have the bike on their website
  14. Hi Guys, I'm looking at buying a gravel bike and seems like the options are limited in my opinion? Perhaps due to the very specific use of the bike and the manufactures not selling huge volumes. I do not have any experience on the Titan Racing Switch Pro but the bike is well specked and priced. Is this the no brainier option or what other brands should one look at? The Canyon Grail looks lekker but then the import duties, VAT and the possible long wait makes it slightly less attractive. Giant has the Revolt and seems like only the Advanced 2 and Advanced 0 models are available in South Africa. The Giant is attractive due to the lifetime warranty on the frame. Any other comments, models and input will be appreciated, especially from guys who have taken any of these bikes for a proper ride.
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