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  1. I am trying this out at the moment https://www.enduradesports.com/shop/endurade-supercarb-454g/
  2. Lekker combo for me is Game + Rehidrat which gives around 50grams Then just add a gel/bar or whatever food is available
  3. We stayed at Fountain Baths Guest Cottages last year Nothing fancy but was neat and tidy. Not sure if there is much better in Barberton. Pack your climbing legs😁
  4. Not a container Waterkloof Airforce Base
  5. I bought 2 x bibs (think it was the entry level) towards the middle of 2020. They still fit perfectly but according to my riding partner he can see my @sscrack when I wear the one pair. At first I thought he was lying as he is always riding in front but when I hold the bib and stretch it out a bit I can definitely see the one pair is thinning out on the back just about the chamois.
  6. Ride in peace Cois. I am very grateful that our paths crossed here on Bikehub, you are truly inspirational.
  7. Just have to beat it to the finish line
  8. Well done Vetseun 1000km on the clock
  9. Agreed Why don't you just move to OZ if you love him so much Andrew
  10. Pity about the guys having to fly out. On a positive note...well done Dikkes, you just moved up two places!
  11. How was it? Heard it was extremely hot out there
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