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  1. Do you take it via drip or a slow rub into the groin?
  2. Another DNF was my initial thought. Without fuel it was inevitable 🤨
  3. Please stick your knitting FRIEND
  4. If you are willing to wait for me😬
  5. 92 electric vehicles sold in SA in 2020, less than 0.5% of total market. Still very expensive as they are seen as "luxury" goods and heavily taxed. Charging stations are popping up all over the place though and on the major highways you will be able to find one every 200km. SA Automotive industry, who rely heavily on export, is busy focusing on EV as a lot of their key markets will ban all internal combustion engines from 2030.
  6. Monday morning on the way to Heidelberg
  7. Looks like the rubbish didnt move far away from Klapperkop This is very *** news as this has been part of my route over weekends. I usually go the opposite way though, then left through the circle to go to Klapperkop.
  8. Was great to do a race again! I think this was Fast One number 5 for me but its my first time going through Eye of Africa and doing the climbing up to the mast. Really enjoyed the route and it was a good challenge with a bit of everything. Will definitely be back! Why the late start though?
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