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  1. These people are not registered as builders/bussiness. Do not pay tax and therefor cannot go to the normal dumping sites. If they do, there details are noted and the change is there that they will be found. It happens here in Cape Town alot. Almost all of the trucks are overloaded (or 99,99%). I'm just wondering of all the complains on The Hub at the moment, who of you are stopping at a STOP? Just a thought, nothing against any of you...... If all of us could stick to the LAW, what a nice place this would be.............
  2. With Rolling Road Closure you still cannot ride on the wrong side of the road. There still will be oncoming traffic. Hopefully standing still. I've seen these races in Holland and the only spot where they stop the traffic is at intersections. Further in Belgium the cyclist are like free game. The number of cyclist hit in Belgium is a lot. Seen that to. And when cycling/training in Holland/Belgium the cyclist stop at robots. Not to sure any of the "league riders" do that in SA. Keep to the rules. It's easy as that. End of the road is the white line. If the road was closed, you can be sure that the front guys would have been riding on the edge of the road. You still wouldn't have had space to ride in there slip. Stop acting like you are the only real cyclist at a race.
  3. Give Kyle a call at Cycle Factory.
  4. My Cannondale had a creak in it and at the end of the day it was the quick release that needed some grease. Very difficult to find a creak on a bike. Start at one point and work your way down. Do only one thing at a time. It can even be your bottle cage that's not lekka.
  5. At the Worcester race she was behaving herself.
  6. At the moment 100kg's; 1,84; 25% bodyfat, EISH.
  7. I think it's from the Specialized FSR. Saw a sticker on the back of the Titus. As far as I know Klein, Gary Fisher, Specialized and Trek is all together.
  8. You can always go for the Raleigh
  9. It's where the shock meets the frame. A friend of mine is looking at fixing the Votec for himself. Not sure if I'll trust the fix. Got the Titus. Me and Titus aren't friends at the moment. Think it's to do with the setup. Will be going to Jeroen at UCT to get that sorted. Will post a pic after the weekend.
  10. Maverick = Nice ride, but alot of work keeping it going. Rocky Mountain = Nice, but not in SA. Yeti = Not in SA. Not sure about Intense.
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