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  1. I have not, but The Bicycle Workshop in Lambton are now Garmin stockists. They’re a friendly helpful bunch and might be able to assist. Ask for Richard 082 905 1150
  2. I use clear safety glasses. Jonsson Workwear have a few styles. Misting... consider using a spray the motorcyclists use on their visors?
  3. Cradle Moon is an absolute blast. The start of the blue route is awesome, a short climb then lots of flowing switch-back, berm-type single track. You will get to a point where you can continue with the blue, or switch to yellow route. I found the rest of the blue route didn't offer enough fun factor for the amount of climbing you do. The yellow, however, is a good mix of climbs, flowing downhill, single track etc, and there are some sections where you can opt for the easy route or a more challenging one. Huddle Bike Park was also quite fun, with an area near the "top" where you
  4. Sounds like some good running has happened and is coming up! Thanks for the light review, Jewbacca. Took a run barefoot on the weekend. On gravel farm roads, sticking to the areas softened by the rain. It was my first run in a long time and I loved it. The feet, however, did not. Any tips for treating blood blisters under one’s toes? They’re like, R2 coin size under each big toe ????????‍♀️
  5. Morning! I managed to win a voucher which I can use at an Adidas Concept Store. I need some new kicks, so it is perfect timing. Any recommendations? I have toned done my road running a lot, doing 5km with the odd 10km, but I would like to do a marathon this year. I only use one pair of shoes for running and training, so would look at something better for higher mileages. I have been running in a pair of Supernova’s since 2018, and I haven’t had any issues. I’m also looking for something trail-orientated. I love the AX range, but I think they are more a hiking shoe? Price range... fro
  6. I checked out the D’Arcs SG Photochromic and Ocean TR90 photo chromatic sunglasses today. Thoughts between the two, or much of a muchness? Will be used for early rides where the sun slams you on the way home, and a night event. Both are comfortable and about the same price.
  7. I had the same problem with my Oakley's. I went to an Oakley store in Auckland. Wow! Talk about customer service! If you want replacement lenses, you get discount on the new ones when you hand the old ones in. And if you purchase a new pair of sunnies, but notice a defect in the store (e.g. a small scratch), it's an immediate 50% off. Needless to say we spent 30min going through each pair of a certain style to find one with a scratch. And were successful! Anyway, the store assistant said the main cause of the coating peeling off is from popping the sunnies on top of your head. The oil from
  8. I went there yestrday morning. I was the chick in the blue t-shirt and plakkies, with another dude also in a blue shirt. Well done, guys and girls! I was cooking just standing there. The event was small and it seemed to lack gees. But hopefully it will gain momentum. Inspired, I headed to Rietvlei and started a walk. 5km became the 10km route, walk-running, then I hit the red route thinking it would take me back to the river where I was going to chill and have a snack. But it took me up the friggin' mountain instead. Switched to the hiking route, 100% sure that THAT one went down the h
  9. Awesome stuff! I will spectate for a few hours tomorrow. All the best, guys!
  10. On the lookout for a second watch in order to take part in a 12hr endurance event in May. My Vivoactive's battery won't survive beyond 6-8hrs. Doesn't need to be the latest and greatest, wrist-HR ideal, but happy with a HR strap. I'm not looking for freebies (but I mean, if you really want to, I won't complain). Cheers
  11. Is anyone doing the Backyard Ultra at Van Gaalen this weekend?
  12. Hi there, Do you know if their route follows gravel roads/quieter tar roads?
  13. Revive. Looking to do some cycling in the area on an MTB. Are the roads still unsafe? Hoping for some saddle-time, so slabbing it is probably the way to go.
  14. I don't mind running or walking in the rain. It was a drizz-ly 4km run this morning. But all I want to do now is cycle! And I'm not keen on cycling in the rain, purely from the perspective of sand and grim and grit going where it shouldn't.
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