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  1. Great build Badsam....and a very entertaining read! Now get a Koga Miyata register up and running in South Africa! I know there is a Full Pro, and my Professional restored and running in Port Elizabeth and Vic’s Full Pro in Plett. It would be great to document and keep record of these bikes for future enthusiasts to draw info on and be assisted if they would like to share the same passion.????????????????
  2. Have to agree with you!!!! What is steadily creeping into the equation is not only the unethical seller but the unethical buyer! So the seller advertises and you dibs and think you have the item.....however what transpires is that an unethical buyer finds out if the item has yet been shipped and THEN offers the seller more! Now, it is the sellers prerogative to sell the item to whom he chooses however the original buyer is left somewhat furious about the item he purchased in good faith and at the asking price at the time from the seller. This seller should be down rated regarding this misdemeanour so that prospective buyers know what to expect when dealing with him..........so, it is incredibly inportant to rate all transactions to protect and uphold ethical behaviour on the Hub. This is the only way one can stamp out this type of seller!
  3. The closest guarded secret in South Africa my friend! The saying goes .....you cry for 5 months because you were transferred to P.E.......... you cry for 5 years when they transfer you from PE to somewhere else! Good luck.
  4. Because it is a great and well organised event! There are many harder routes to make this event far harder but speaking to organisers they want to keep a balance between drawing the public and the racing guys which is admirable! The great thing for many CT riders is that it is now a qualifying event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour so this event will grow based on that I would presume.
  5. Hi GTRacing, when you say the Pinarello track bike is huge what is the size centre to top ( centre of bb to top of seat tube)
  6. The fact of the matter is that all races should be CSA sanctioned! Yes I do agree that CSA should get its house in order to warrant being paid the fee per rider and that the monies go into not only developement, but into getting the BEST riders to the right selected races overseas. In Europe no one can just take a sport and use it as a vehicle to benefit their own profits eg businesses or promotion company........you have to go through the Governing body of that sport.
  7. My Corse Extra done in the traditional Molteni Mercx colors.
  8. Because some guys like Valverde are still riding today!
  9. I contacted CRC on the same issue about the use of Skynet! Besides the process taking double the time DHL did, I was also billed with a hefty admin or handling fee which is just not on. I took the matter up with them but like all big companies who have “Mission Statements” of blah blah blah blah.... customer driven company only to experience that it is 180 degrees to what they preach and is a totally company driven decision.
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