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  1. A fork seal - really? At this level, I would be totally gutted with my bike mechanic.
  2. Sounds like fun . So it would seem my max heart rate would be higher than 189 then considering I wasn't puking just yet hahaha. One thing I find alarming is just how high my HR can get hitting the downhill trails (just as high as sprinting on a steep uphill) And at the same time navigating some treacherous terrain and staying focused. Thats the thrill! So these guys like Minnaar - are they also hitting 100% ? Would be interesting to see what kind of training they do apart from their technical ability.
  3. Im 32. Got heart rate percentages with the typical Age formula (100%=189bpm). I must say that 100% feels fairly accurate in my experience . I agree. In my experience, when I do longer rides (40km) I expect to fair well, but end up exhausted. Although it may be that I approach the long ride with the same attack as the 15km rides I am familiar with. This is what I have heard and is precisely why I posted here to to get some grassroots opinions on it. I would like to train more effectively and looking for material on what the best approach is. Of course this is all with the view to hit the trails even harder
  4. I tend to do short 15km high intensity rides with lots of climbing and fast descents. Often my heart rate is sustained at over 90% and sometimes even just over 100% for short bursts. I tend to ride as fast as possible all the time. Is it wise to exercise like this or should I consider taking it a bit easier? Are there any benefits to this kind of training apart from the Adrenalin rush? Cheers !
  5. Wow! that's an impressive pic from under that tree trunk in the Glen. I'm going to hit them this evening
  6. Yeah... and why does he get to put his sweaty arse on the shop counter?
  7. Are any trails in Jonkershoek open yet? Im heading to Stellies this weekend and looking for some trails to ride. Any suggestions?
  8. Man what fantastic photographs! Great to see a nice cross section of riders featuring and looking like hero's! good work. Cant wait for the next round!!!!
  9. Frikkin awesome! I'm really amped to go ride just watching this. Stoked this is going to be accessible too
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