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  1. Shimano cassettes work perfectly so long as they all the same speed I. E. 11 speed etc. Keep the campy chain.
  2. Happy with garmin 6x pro.. Battery lasts for about 5 days with GPS usage for about 2 hours a day. Best thing I enjoy about it though is paying for stuff with tap and go and the golf ⛳ feature gives very accurate distances
  3. Lesson learnt many times myself..don't buy anything you haven't tested yourself - bikes, cars, guns, etc.. Good luck resolving this since you clearly got a rotten deal..
  4. Glad you safe and not hurt. May these bastards get the karma stick a million times worse
  5. 2 watts saving and increased chain life by about 1000km - work out the cost of replacing chains if its worth it maybe? squirt does almost the same thing for a fraction of the price
  6. Try a cheap android tablet since my samsung one has the plus and minus buttons on the right side of the screen and it works well
  7. hehehehehe ... remember its not about the crank length... its all about the motion of the pedal stroke ! - the struggle is real!
  8. When i look down and can't see my pp I know I have to ride!
  9. Has anyone sat on the top tubes yet to see if they crack? ???? I would be embarrassed to market a 7.5kg bike for that money when things like the tarmac sl7 exist
  10. Giant tcr.. Awesome machine. If you can find a tarmac sl6 pro with ultegra that's another good choice. Sorry don't know much about cabal
  11. 4 hours of labour at R1700 is a rip off when most shops are charging R250 an hour
  12. If the work isnt done yet go fetch your bike and take it somewhere else
  13. Thanks guys for the responses. Not going to stress too much about it since I have had no pain or any issues on the bike. Going to keep cleats as they were.
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