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  1. Yes. It has happened on occasion with me to. As a matter of fact, yesterday as well. It was preceded with a consistent “re-connection” of my sensors. I also would like the cause and solution. I write it off to Garmin never being perfect on their software side, but I have had Polar and Garmin just gives you so much more functionality and the other brands don’t bother with Discovery.
  2. Saw a nice product advertorial on BikeHub Go to Website of Brand to Buy Online Cannot buy Online Saw they still rock old school - "Buy from Retailer" - route to market Go to first retailer - Can't find online Go to second retailer - Does not have online store Lost interest
  3. Hi All I came across this posting on Facebook Market Place. After meeting the seller, I just never got a good feeling, and walked away. I cannot say for sure but I have a high index of suspicion. Issues: Owned for a week but no box or slip Said was bought at auction but no auction slip Said was never used but had 2 runs on 13 and 15 of Feb on Table Mountain. AND the runs was in miles (+- 6 miles for each run) So if anyone knows of someone that lost his garmin please see this add Is this item still available? - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/480135760025137/ Hopefully it is only my paranoid self and I walked away from a great ligitimate deal.
  4. Great Development. Regarding the credit card fee paid by the buyer-how does this gel with PASA (payment association of South Africa) strict “no surcharging”? In line with this, my understanding is that all banks’ agreement with service providers highlights this prohibition. I see that Bike Hub provides a service and is not the seller, but was just wondering all the same.
  5. Check out Frog Bikes. They have a SA distributer. Awesome bikes for kids. My Boy road it from 3 years old. Yes a bit expensive, but very light weight and cool features like NO backpedal and handle bar stoppers. I cannot stress how important bike size is. There are 8 kids of similar age in our street, none could ride before 5-6 becuase their 16” were just to big and heavy
  6. Hi, Where can I get the Special DT Swiss Grease. JUST THE GREASE. Not the Star Rachet, not the Upgrade Kit, just the Potjie of Grease. It's constantly out of stock. Danie
  7. For mortals like MOST us, really only 1 difference, the price. But for mortals like SOME of us, the difference lies in the fact that I spend more than you, and that can be important. ????
  8. Having read through all this one can conclude that stock holding, overhead and exchange rate all play a part. BUT it really comes down to the opportunity presented by the lock down driving a short term spike in demand. And good on the guys for cashing in. Capitalism 101. And whilst one can make an argument for government to intervene to protect necessities like PPE pricing to shoot through the roof, a Kikr and Bike computer is hardly a necessity. So let market forces be. BECAUSE that 101 has a flip side. In this case its called summer and passing of a fad. How many people are really going to look at that R20-25k piece of equipment, eating another R300 a month in Zwift fees whilst they ride their bikes outdoor and think that was money well spent. Realising again that we can even ride our bikes outdoors in winter, and that his salary was just cut by 10% or so due to the ongoing effects of Covid, the Hub and Gumtree will be flooded. I bought my Hammer H1 (H2 was already out) for R5k on the Hub. And as soos as that happens, new prices will adjust again.
  9. Sorry yes, saw the link and a quick browse saw it was at bikemarket. So I just assumed it was used. My bad
  10. Bontrager wheel warranty Plus, they're backed by the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Programme, which offers free replacement or repair to the original owner for wheels Trek Bicycle warranty Trek Bicycle Corporation provides each original retail purchaser of a Trek bicycle an amazing warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. So no, only original owner enjoy the warranty. Most bikes are like that (I think Titan is different). Think about it, a lifetime warranty. Who can ever do that. But in the high value bicycle market, you are very likely to sell you bike after 3-5 years. So with that little T&C, it’s for all practicle reasons a 3-5 year warrant
  11. Does the Trek warranty transfer upon sale? I doubt it. So warranty irrelevant. But I stand corrected.
  12. Fully built bikes have 15% import duty. Then you add 15% VAT Bike components only have the VAT. Canyon bikes comes partially assembled. So I can see that some at the Customs office might process it all as bike parts instead of complete bike. It will also depend on the invoice (many lines vs 1 or 2). But shipping is flat. Whether its their €800 bike or €5000 bike. And that makes the cheaper ones less attractive.
  13. Basic Overhead math is my guess Take 1 overhead component for a very basic comparison. 1 Boss of Garmin SA, divided by x number of units sold 1 Boss of Wahoo SA, divided by y number of units sold In SA: x is far greater than y and so the the absorption per unit is much less. Then, Garmin does not have 30kg units being shipped from China. And I am sure some of that shipping gets cross allocated in the overhead allocation math. Brands is SA with greater volume just have better scale. They will even get better foward rates on FX contracts. Now if these guys can learn from the ProShop. The golf clubs I am looking at is goong at 11 ZAR to 1 USD. Now that is fighting for the little guy
  14. “Let’s do a Promo Article as part of our marketing strategy”, says one JaSure exec. “Well, there is a bit of a global bike boom due to the Pandemic, so let do a “How to get into Cycling” one”, says another. ”Great Idea, but to get the ultimate traction, let’s do a bad one, that can lead to 50+ comments and days on top of the active comments list”. “And makes sure somewhere we drop something about Specialized in the comments, that will keep things going a bit longer.” And so we all fall for it. Fun times to be had though. PS. Why is cycling gloves in particular so expensive. Pound 4 Pound in my book, the most expensive general bike item
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