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  1. I am done. Went out this morning for the last 70km and got a sidewall cut on 24km. Fitted a new tire and did the rest this afternoon.
  2. I am halfway, 250 to go. 50km a day for the next 3 days and a 100km Saturday. Rest Sunday and start the versus next Monday.
  3. I have these Vredestein black panthers on my monstercross. Near continues centre ridge make the rolling resistance very low, but enough grip on a gravel road. And it is not to expensive. https://bike-addict.co.za/collections/vredestein-tyres/products/vredestein-black-panther-mtb-tyre?variant=39598767341652
  4. I wish Bryton would return to SA. My old 530 is 7 years old and still go 32 hours on a charge. I recently got a 420 and it is a lovely unit. I had a forerunner and with continues problems I gave it away and start using my old tomtom again. Garmin only have a good name.
  5. Hi almal, Ek is opsoek na n stages gen 1 battery cover. As iemand my dalk kan help sal ek dit baie waardeer. Dankie
  6. Fine Breede and Willow Creek and Robertson winery was some of my favorite mtb races, Tip Trans in Citrusdal was the best value for money ever. On the road I really enjoyed the Tour de Worcester.
  7. I had a nightmare of a ride. Started in 2d after 3 years of not riding. Felt real good and pushed hard from the beginning. Just before Muizenberg I join a group with mostly 2 a riders. 500m after jubilee square I hit a manhole cover and both my wheels got punctures. Had to walk back to jubilee square as I only had one tube. There I bought another tube and while I fitted the rear wheel tube the one guy from the tech zone did the front. Started again but the sudden stop and stand stil made my legs deel stiff. After 3 kilos I felt beter and start pushing again. Flew ip Smitswinkel and at the ostrich farm my front wheel was flat again. I walked back again the the waterpoint on top of Smitswinkel, but they did not have any tech support there. Luckily for me the was a gent that fell and did not want to continue. So I asked him if he had a tube and he helped me. ( thanks, and if you read this, please sent me a pm) I was back on the road and at Scarborough I stopped and bought another tube, just in case something went wrong again. Luckily everything went smoothly from there. I regain my rhythm and pushed hard to the finish. A lousy 4.02. Was aiming for 3.15. Lets hope next year will be better.
  8. This was December on the Tankwa padstal facebook page. In the Northen Cape nothing happens fast, so the might have fixed the road, but not all of it
  9. Bought yesterday from hubber MFS. Second hand, but my first cycling related purchase since 2020.
  10. Back on the bike after the 2020 shitstorm. My last seeding ride was the 2019 1 tonner. Got me in 2d this year. But I guess is ok since I start training around Christmas and haven't done any racing in 3 years. Still need to find a roadbike before March. Sub 3 again next year.
  11. I have a brand new Bryton Ryder 50 bracket. I lknow these are hens teeth. Free to anyone who might need it. Unfortunately I live in Vredendal so if you want it will have to pay for shipping. 0828041876
  12. I had a ecosport. I would go for the roofrack option. That back door with sparewheel is already heavy. I would not ad extra weight there.
  13. Eddie did a great job again. 99% of this event is his work. Congrats Eddie, stunning event
  14. This Is William, the oke in black kit. . He used to be my training and racing partner. He never did the Epic, but he made a lot of Epic riders cry in his life. Give him a bike and tell him to do 200 km and he will ask you how many times. He is a strong rider. The guy with him did the Epic this year. Glad you enjoyed the event and our beautiful area. And thanks for the great review.
  15. Just to get on the bike and train would be nice. Been of the bike the past year.
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