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  1. ? "... ride without gloves!!" ............... very stupid advice....... it is difficult to hold the remote to change channels on DSTV without any skin on the palms of your hand. ? nonsense.. I road thousands and thousands of km's for years without gloves and have all my skin... never had a single blister or crack on my hands in all those years... the only time I ever road with gloves was when doing crits cause there was a better chance of crashing...
  2. honestly dude!!! I been telling you for years... ride without gloves!! your hands will get tougher that way! Perhaps its where the gloves end on your thumb that is chaffing and causing the problem in the first place...
  3. Or imagine them putting the presenters in some situations outside of their comfort zone... like put Andrew on a hardcore downhill course with a helmet camera and a microphone... that would be entertaining... or instead of the mundane comentating get some of the presenters from the other sports to come in and commentate on something... like imagine getting old Naas Botha in to try and talk us through a madison.. would be hilarious...
  4. In my opinion the problem with Supercycling is they take themselves way to seriously... that and they rehash the same old boring tips over and over again (ie. how to ride in an echelon)... They need to have some fun with the show... they should try be a bit more like the guys on Top Gear... just have fun... If I watch supercycling I want to be entertained, not just told the info in the same manor as the SABC News... I don't know about you but I'd love to see them clowning around a bit... taking the piss rather then always being so serious... after all cycling is supposed to be fun right?
  5. Cocaine

    Only in SA

    I think that's the best answer yet in this post.
  6. Cocaine

    Only in SA

    By taking from one to give to another you are just perpetuating the situation... that is not a sustanable solution, unless of course you would have a sustanable state of retribution and anarchy? The only way to move forward is create equal opportunity, then it is up to the individual to make use of that opportunity... You simply cannot uplift one person at the expense of another that is exactly what apartheid was all about... discrimination of any kind is wrong... the only way this country will ever move forward is if everyone can forget about the past and work towards the future... but as long as we keep using apartheid as an excuse for AA and for the ANC's corruption and crime, etc we are only going one way... and that is DOWN... All I want is a government that is accountable and has the peoples interests at heart... The current government is more interested in disbanding the scorpions then working on our HUGE crime problem... WTF??? Something needs to give sooner or later... but I fear we are on the brink of some really tough times... and it won't only be the previously advantaged that will suffer... the short sighted governance of this country will cost everyone dearly if it keeps on like it is, and only a fool would even try deny that... and that has nothing to do with colour, apartheid, etc... plain and simple the ANC are doing a SH!T job... regardless of what state they got the country they certainly have not improved it...
  7. I was scared of that at first also... but once you glue your first set of tubbies on and realize how difficult it is to put them on and take them off you realize that they don't come off easy... unless you do a really poor job of gluing them... even so, I had a friend who often used to ride in TT's without even glueing his tubbies and reckons he never roled a tubby yet. Remember as you inflate the tubby it gets tighter on the rim, and the beauty with tubbies is you can inflate them to very high pressures. Also a clincher tends to have a bit of a box shape by nature where as a tubby is perfectly round which makes for better more consistent handling.
  8. I weigh 63kg... I felt an immediate difference when I put zipp 404's on... was so ridiculous it was actually scary... Never once had a big problem with cross winds and I raced them in some of the strongest cross winds in Cape Town...
  9. This is a much nicer route then last year in my opinion... Combines the best stages of 2006 with the best stages of 2007 nicely. The old vissershok stage and the new helshoogte stage is great for spectators... while the bainskloof and franschoek/du toits kloof stages were by far my favourite as a participant... I reckon its a really nice route, those of you lucky enough to be riding are in for a treat...
  10. Your whole idea of screwing in cleats while they are clipped in does have one flaw... if your feet are clipped in to the pedals, then how are you going to get a screwdriver underneath the pedals to tighten the screws? if not for that limitation I am sure someone would have thought of it by now...
  11. I used to ride with Look Keo's... but after struggling to get a new set of cleats positioned for months it was suggested I try speedplays... honestly the best move I have ever made! The big flaw with the Look cleat is that you have one triangle shapped plastic cleat and when you move it in any way it affects the side to side placement, the heel in/ heel out position and the for and aft position. With speedplay all three of those variables are completely independant. You have a plate which you set for how far forward you want your cleat. Once you have that you tighten it up and thats it you never fiddle with that again. Then you put the cleat on and adjust the side to side position of the cleat... one you got that tighten the screws and leave it. Then there are 2 small screws which determine your float, this is the real beauty... the one screw determines how far in your heel goes the other one determines how far out you heel can go... which results in completely customizable float... After trying and failing for months to get completely comfortable with my replacement set of cleats for Look Keos, it only took 10 minutes to get the speedplay pedals completely dialed in... haven't looked back since!
  12. Well we could do lap racing... cuts down on marshalling and traffic costs and may help draw spectators... we have enough light in summer that we could host the races on friday evening for example... start at 18h00 and race til 19h30 or so... That way everyone still has their wknds to do what they please with and it won't affect any races already scheduled for the wknd. Just a thought...
  13. I wonder what PPA would do if all the elite cyclists put in a group claim for their expenses for this race... that would probably be well over R10000 including accomodation, petrol, entries, etc... legally is PPA liable? Just thinking out aloud
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