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  1. I wish more companies would see cross-platform development for what they are. Most companies do what you’re did. Go the cross platform route. Realize all the issues and fallacy of “write once deploy everywhere” and “cheaper dev costs” Native is and has always been the better solution in most cases. There are use cases for cross platform development. But it’s not often that way.
  2. Hi there I’m an iOS developer by profession. 8yrs in the game now. Happy to offer guidance and help. Pop me a DM.
  3. Come to think of it, yes, they were trials bikes. They were also not being very loud or making much of a nuance. I just wondered if they were allowed there.
  4. Talking of bikes on private land; I did see two MX bikes at Big Red Barn this past weekend near the trails. I suspect they were not allowed there - if I had taken more of route 1 I would have been on the same single track as them I think. They were about 40m from me. Does BRB allow this sort of thing?
  5. I got the Park Tool one last week. Much better than those plastic things.
  6. The XM3’s are brilliant. I use them day to day. However they’d be no good for any for or exercise. I have AirPods which are brilliant for that sort of thing. They don’t even come up when running. Can’t go wrong with some AirPod Pros which have the noice cancellation.
  7. Success! 😎 Ended up following @MORNE 's advise and using insulation tape at first - did about 4 layers. Then followed up with two - three layers of gorilla tape. This time when putting the tyre back on, I had to use soapy water as the fit was much tighter. If I did not have the air compressor with me; there was no getting those tyres to seat. I first tried with just the floor pump and was back at the same result as before. Removing the valve core didn't help with just the floor pump. I then used the air compressor and it worked first time! I had to do this! Once removing the core; the tyre was able to seat! Once the tyre was seated, I deflated it, reinstalled the valve core and then removed a little bit of the tyre from the rim to pour in some sealant. Refitted the tyre and used the floor pump to pump them to 40 psi to sit over night after bouncing and spinning them around for the sealant to get everywhere Now have two tubeless wheels with inflated tyres and sealant! Thanks to all the help, much appreciated. I am going to try out the new tyres tomorrow and go for a ride!
  8. Thank you. Very useful info. I’ll try these suggestions tomorrow.
  9. Thanks. I’ve seen this air tank be used on a few YouTube videos. Looks like it does the job fine. saw a video now about new tyres not having uniform beads due to packaging and suggestion is to stick a tube in the tyre over night. So will see tomorrow.
  10. Hi all, So, some of you may recall I posted a thread about going tubeless. I decided to bite the bullet and go all in on that. I bought the following 2 x Vittoria tubeless ready tyres 1 x Stans sealant 2 x tubeless valves 1 x gorilla tape 1 x Pro Team tubeless pump-canister (https://www.evobikes.co.za/product/pro-team-compressor-tubeless-pump-black/) I have tried to inflate the tyre many times now and reapplied the tape a many times. However every time I try inflate the tyre it seems like air is escaping out the sidewalls. between bead and rim. Using soapy water confirms this, I tried to go another layer on the tape which made little difference. My rims are what came with the bike (Scott 955) and are Syncro rims - which look as picture inside At this stage I feel like is the rims that are the issue. Any advice on this would be great. Thanks all
  11. Myself and my wife went riding a few weeks ago with @Steady Spinat BRB - it was good fun. Our first time there. Planning on going again as soon as possible. Leg just needs to be 100% before then and maybe get my bike to be a bit less noisy. Hardtail makes a lot of noise...
  12. I have a new stem I pulled off my Scott a few weeks back. But it's 70mm. Free to a good home. Also have a new bars, 720mm that came off my Scott. Also free to a good home.
  13. True. I did do some reading on these tyres before hand and hard, rocky, sandy stuff should be good on them. These should be a lot better than my Kenda's too.
  14. For what it's worth; they feel super sticky and grippy. But that might just be how all new tyres feel. They feature a lot on Nicks bike on GMBN too - and UK conditions are be terrible!
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