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  1. Hi Guys, I am interested in purchasing a bike trailer and would appreciate some input from cyclists who have used one of them. Thule has the Coaster; how will it deal with light off-roading? Are there any other brands/makes you can recommend?
  2. I love samoosas too. Great plan Joe, distract them ith samoosas so we can move up the ranks
  3. I'm not from there, but my wife is. That place is so gevrek, do they even know what a truck is?
  4. Boeta Joe, Am I the muslim kaapie you are referring to?
  5. Awesome. Sounds like a nice one to start the year off.
  6. Havent doen this before. Whats the terain and profile like?
  7. I'm running crossmarks in the rear and have no complaints. They've been awesome in most conditions. As for the front i have the monorail; which i find not too good in muddy conditions. Is the rear cross mark from monorail a good combo or have a mixed the placing up?
  8. Beenie

    Midrand Meander

    Hi guys. Anyone doing/done or know what this race is like? Is it worth doing?
  9. Sure you wanna know? Paid R2400 for the lot...
  10. Yeah, those are XT wheels. Got a very good deal from a fellow hubber. Came with wheels, tyres, skewers and rotors. Not sure on rotors, but the tyres are maxxis cross marks. They sweet
  11. Next upgrade is a fork
  12. http://www.cyclelab.com/default.asp?id=332500&des=article
  13. I'll be there doing 40km. Hopefully i can get my new XT wheels to try at the event Going to be a struggle to get my race number beforehand. Hope i can collect on race day
  14. I had my collarbone plated too. That was mid nov and only started riding again in mid Feb. It was frightening to see how 'week' the shoulder had become. Slowly increasing the weights, but it takes time. Important thing is to be patient tho.
  15. Does it have to be in the radiokop region?
  16. I have mechanical disc brakes at the moment. I'll pm you when i have decided on what i want/need
  17. Got a nice saddle recently, so thats sorted. How do i know if the stem and handlebars are not right for me? How do i know which one is? Think i've been persuaded on the fork bit. Will look out for a good 2nd hand one. Maybe some tyre too
  18. Thanks for the responses guys. DJ84 - Not quite sure what wheels cost, so dont know how much i want to spend if that makes sense. What is a realistic amount for a decent set of wheels?
  19. I currently have a Silverback Alpine. I love the bike but think i need to upgrade.. While a new bike would be great, I dont have the cash for that now. So im looking at other stuff. What are my options? 1. Wheels - what whould I be looking out for? what question must i be asking? What prices am i looking at? Tubeless or not? 2. Components - how big a difference to things like derailleurs, hydraulic brakes etc make? 3. Fork - too expensive 4. What else?
  20. Results are out.. http://www.spectrumsport.co.za/Randfontein_Harmony_MTB_20100306.pdf
  21. My time was not flattering at all I hear you dude. I spent ages trying to cean the bike. There was mud in every nook and cranny.
  22. Was there too. An absolute mud fest! Was loads of fun. Will be back next year too.
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