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  1. Paraffin also works, but surely caring is sharing the poor oke need blood as they are part of the circle of life... Guinea Fowl eat blood rich ticks - Rooi Kat eats Fowl - without blood the tick is not rich in iron... Only bad in spring all will be cool again in Desember...
  2. Welvanpas is in a league of its own do that.
  3. I tried 29" front and 26"back some time ago, my idea was accelerate like a 26" and descent like a 29" ... Did not really work. but 29 - 27,5 might...
  4. Hi Guys please keep us in the loop we would love to join in the fun: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CXinZA/
  5. Dear Heinrich, If you are able to keep your cadence below 500 at that speed I am sure you will not get hurt.
  6. I find that on a 29er you should upsize as the top tube is to short.
  7. Pmail me your email address I have done some research on this.
  8. Very cool Wayne is that a challenger made bike rack? I think the Marko ones are Challenger trailors?
  9. I want to pull all the CX riders together so we can plan a race in GP and WP next year please join our Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/groups/CXinZA/
  10. I did it on a Cyclo Cross last year and was moer-toe at the end, the corregation kill your upper body. CX is defnitely not faster.
  11. Lekker ek kan nie wag nie!!!
  12. Erasmus

    Momsen SL929

    till next year.... eish!!
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