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  1. Buy a new car and something fails and covered under warranty it is fixed by dealer who covers labour too.Should be same for bikes.
  2. Had same issues with Stans Arch.Several times.Eventually I got fed up and bought DT Swiss.2 years of riding,absolutely perfect
  3. Has used name of Paul McDonald.FB is Andrew McDonald.Profile pics are of a much younger man.His voice is soft spoken and I would guess he is in late 50s.Comes across as quite hesitant.Has found a 'niche' in 'selling' goods up to about R5k knowing that his 'victims' probably wont try and find him and the police wont be interested in a petty matter.
  4. Yes I have had an adverse experience with this guy over past few days and he has now gone to ground-no response to whatts app or phone calls.Surname used is MacDonald.Claims to be in Plettenberg Bay area.
  5. I have dealt with Evobikes for years and their service has always been top class. Yesterday I blew a tire -beyond fixing, near Meerendal. I had a long walk ahead with only about R50 in my pocket but was picked up by Mathias Weinmann after walking about 800m. Evo Bikes replaced my tire and I was good to go in about 30 minutes.Trusted me to do an EFT once I got home. Thanks Chelsea, Tanya and Janos for helping me and Mathias for giving me a lift up that hill. You all know EvoBikes but this kind of service is what sets them apart. Mathias is the MD of GPM Sports -they import customised saddles, grips and other equipment( www. gpm-sports.co.za)
  6. Thanks folks for all the interesting replies. Lots of info to digest but conclusion is that one cant rely too much of the Strava power stats.
  7. Good morning Trying to understand the logic behind the Watt figures that form part of the stats on any ride. 2 riders ride together on a 60km route. Once done both have identical average speeds, distance, climbing meters etc. Why does one have a power output say of 150 watts and the other 90 watts?
  8. Before signing an asset finance contract make sure that you have been told what the repayments, interest rates etc are. Most finance companies have calculators on their websites-test these before you buy. They should also have a FAQ section on the website covering things like early settlement scenarios, deposits, defaults etc. Most finance companies are registered credit providers -this should also reflect on their documentation
  9. Sweat Gutr also works well. Take A Lot had them at one stage. Also expensive though.
  10. definite yay-speaking from experience-use several of their products
  11. V P S 38 Tarentaal Cres, Okavango Park, Brackenfell, 7560 021 982 4407 These guys sell off cuts of strong , clear vinyl. They specialize in protective coatings for car bumpers, boot sills etc
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