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  1. Just an update - I called iKhambi this morning and spoke to a gentleman there. They are going submit the .Fit Files to Wahoo HQ and get back to me.
  2. I believe so - would be great he could escalate and provide some feedback.
  3. I raised a ticket with Wahoo earlier on this week around my Kickr Core Unit being barely 2 years old and showing an almost 10% difference in power numbers to my Assioma Duo Power Pedals. Yet to hear anything back after I sent a long explanation with the .fit files. If this continues I might also not be in the market for another Wahoo product. Sorry about your experience with your Kickr Climb.
  4. Anyone else know of another store where this is available other than EvoBikes?
  5. Hoping that someone can offer some guidance on what I should do around an issue I recently picked up with my Kickr Core. I always Dual Record my indoor sessions done on Kickr Core/Zwift on my Garmin/Assioma Dual Sided Power Pedals. The power readings from workouts were always quite close - well with in 2-3% of each other which didn't bother me too much. Recently though, I started noticing the numbers getting further apart with the Assioma's showing that the Kicker is overstating my power by up to 6 or 7% which although is great for my ego not actually a true reflection of where I am. I have tried multiple spin-downs on the Wahoo App (The Assioma's Auto Calibrate) but the drift over time is very clear to see. Any ideas - is this the end of my trusty Kickr's Life? ☹️
  6. Going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons here - what sort of tyre pressures is should you run on your MTB for this?
  7. Some road gaps and water wings?
  8. Agreed with the points above - I remember we rode Sani in 2019 and there was severe damage to the trails on the Day 3 that run next to the river. We had several hike a bike sections through some river sand - I am assuming that a lot of those trails will be gone now. Then there is the case of the trails than run all the way along the Umkomaas on Day 2 - not sure what the Umko has been like in the flooding but seeing some of the videos and photos coming through from KZN is likely flooded?
  9. Was thinking about this as am doing the Sani2C Adventure in May - holding thumbs the trails have not been washed away!
  10. I'm curious to know - from previous 'stompies' I have picked up a lot of people don't even take up their red tented accommodation at all - how subscribed has this been as the couple of guys I know who did this years edition found themselves some comfy brick & mortar digs instead?
  11. Had the same thought earlier this week - anyone doing this?
  12. Was there a interview with Speed Company Racing post win today - I didn’t see anything? We want more of these guys!
  13. Shame man - they would have added some extra spice to the sharp end surely?
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