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  1. @bleedToWinAfter epic i am pretty over cycling and cycling related costs for the next unforseeable future, thanks.😜 So the dropper must stay for a while.
  2. I am guessing either having a moooesa account with absa and your absa relationship manager, or be a ex national rugby player, if that doesnt tick a box then being friends with cycling's cool club might help.
  3. Yup i know the feeling. My XL epic was too small for me. Imported a gusset 450 post from the UK. Did the job. Now ride a XXL topfuel and also want the dropper off. No luck with any posts local yet. Desperately wanted to get a trek madone in a 62 recently but its too small for me...... Sucks being tall sometimes.
  4. Also got the idea their tops are different, i fit the race versions of two different tops, same style, same design, different colours, one was tight one wasnt. Love their kit but sizing is out.
  5. If Bottelary hills and muratie can be added i am fully sold! take my money. I bet it will be the same for all the guys living in stellies/brackenfell/kuilsrivier.
  6. No way. They dont know the difference. Only you do. And by the way my boy manhandles his balance bike my heart wont take carbon being thrown like that. Id rather get him a ktm sx 50 on the likes a bit later for that cash
  7. PhillipV, aka as "battery pisser Phil"
  8. I cannot think its a coincidence that its a silver polo again. I got driven over on klipheuwel by a silwer polo 7 weeks ago. Older shape round back lights. I am sure its the same car.
  9. Damn right things are broken. No point in pussyfooting around the facts.
  10. I call a spade a spade. Look at the stats......
  11. Getting a velcro stretch belt. Belly band. Gun will sit on my stomach. One zip down and i can pull it out. Blank one up so no shooting my d#!@ off by mistake.
  12. I got driven off my bike on wednesday morning on the R304 outsode stellenbosch by 4 blacks. Car broke my bike under me. Fell. 2 got out with pangas and wanted my phome and cash. Wasnt interested in my bike after seeing how totalled it was. I am going to carry my 9mm in future. Its not always about what they want. Sometimes you need to be able to defend yourself. Next time its maybe when i have my family with me. And ill do what i need to to protect them.
  13. Haha. Friday at 6 im on my bike. The colder the better.lights are ready and charged
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