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  1. As mentioned it will be an honesty system. I'm willing to try and make it as transparent as possible. If you have any ideas, please bring forward. Reason for suggesting that you pay is, you will find the best site with the best deal. Also I do not want to deal with cash. I will be coming home in December as well. So you could treat this as a dummy run. If you guys are happy and all runs smoothly, we could try it again in December? I guess PM me if you interested.
  2. Agree, but as mentioned I have a R5000.00 pp Duty free limit,. so VAT and duties should not apply.
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. @Sidewinder As mentioned just trying to help out fellow hubbers It is illegal if I try to go over my duty free allowance, but If I'm not mistaken I'm allowed to bring up to R5000.00 new/used products? http://www.sars.gov.za/ClientSegments/Customs-Excise/Travellers/Pages/Arrival-in-SA.aspx So I have about R10 000.00 to play with between my wife and I? Please let me know if I have missed something. Thanks
  4. sorry, I will be in Johannesburg and PTA. will try and find a common ground to meet with all buyers.
  5. Well, let see what happens! As mentioned will have to keep numbers down. Its more of a favour to fellow enthusiasts.
  6. Good Afternoon Hubbers, My wife and I will be coming to visit SA early Feb (7th) and I was wondering if there might be a small market who would be interested in me bringing some small items back from the USA. This, is more of an idea and if there are a few people interested in it. I will do it. Lets be frank, it is more of a honesty system and only small items to be purchased. (something like a buddy bringing some stuff over) Transaction: You order the item online and pay for it. Have it delivered to my address in the US and I will bring it with me. Arrange one meeting point at a specific time, maybe a coffee shop which is neutral for everyone. Hand over small articles. I was thinking of charging a handling fee of say R50.00 I also think I could maybe help say 10 hubbers! Let me know of your thoughts and any ideas to make this idea a reality. Mat
  7. Good evening, What about international visitors stats could be the 1.8% missing? Left SA in Feb 2013 and still loving HUBSA
  8. Good Afternoon, Are we doing this again this year?
  9. RIP Burry!!! AfricanMTBKid!!! When will this stop!!! Its not safe to do anything in our country!
  10. Also seeded in G ? What time are you guys going for? Would like to join in....
  11. I sure live in a C$AP place (JHB) Man that photo rocks....

    argus R group

    Didnt get my 3:30.. Managed to get 3:43.. Im really happy with my result considering I had a chain issue and as said, your group also dictates your speed in some places. (As my wife says, no comments column ) but what a day to ride on!!

    argus R group

    How did it go guys and girls? Roer did you get your time?

    argus R group

    My theory is go as fast as you can!!! last year I went pretty hard and I was cycling with a mate at the top of Suikerbossie we some how lost each other and pretty much cycled in pretty slow from there till the end.. I could easily say I could of shaved 15min off my time if we didnt have the mix up. My time on race tech: Start Group Race Time Overall Position Gender Age Position Group Position Ave. Speed Photo Certificate S 3:55:18 9249/28991 M 724/2146 366/509 28.05 Im much fitter compared to last year and Im going out with a cause... Good luck!! If its a good day times are going to be great
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