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  1. I see Alitalia also went belly up. Last flight was last night or the night before.
  2. Well it seems that I might start commuting soon again. After working as a contractor from home for over two years, I will start a permanent position again in October ... in Austria, about 90 km from here. I will still work majority of the time homeoffice but the first couple of months I will be working in the office to get to learn the ropes but thereafter I will only go in the office once every week or two. The most likely scenario will be that I will commute there by train on a Monday and take my mtb with. The offices are in the town of Kufstein. So i will commute in Kufstein between accomodation and office with the MTB for the week and then return home on a Friday. I do see the possibility in the summer when I only go in for a day to take my road bike with me and then commute the 90 km through the Alps back home in the afternoon.
  3. What is left of the aviation industry at the moment? Comair is battling from what I understand but they are servicing their aircraft with Lufthansa. SAA is pretty much a chicken and I do not see them flying soon even in limited capacity. Mango now going into business rescue. Where does Safair service their aircaft? They seem to be the only ones flying at the moment.
  4. Happy birthday 'Dale. Wishing you a good one and all the best.
  5. @Long Wheel Base I see Lufthansa is pulling 5 of their A340-600 back into service and going to refit the first class seats for routes to North America and Asia. I found that interresting. How are things on your front and with SAA?
  6. Well the photo was not taken in SA. That is in England.
  7. I am no web developer nor mobile app developer, but will have to look into mobile app development and web development in the not too distant future. I would suggest looking at Angular and online courses and youtube videos on Angular. Angular seems to become a rather popular weapon of choice.
  8. Don't you normally have a form that you can fill in to say who the driver was at the time of the traffic offence. Just put the ex's details there and send it back to the traffic departments. And yes get the car off your name.
  9. Your maiden flight went better than this guy's 747 maiden flights
  10. The thought of the possibility of a soweto taxi flying over my head does not really put me in my comfort zone
  11. Would not say I am bowing out but will only now post now in the technical forums if I have a question maybe and maybe keep an eye on the aviation thread which funny enough did not get chopped. Will go talk crap on discord.
  12. Battle to get time for the bike lately but this past Saturday I just decided stuff it, I am going to ride to a little place in Austria called Eng, that I wanted to ride to with the bike for some time. Have taken the car there to the area in winter but most of the roads are not open for cars as all is snowed up normally in winter. What I thought would be a 140 km ride turned out to be 160 km but man was it a stunning ride and did me the world of good. Body is just not used to sitting on the bike for 5+ hours
  13. https://www.wetteronline.de/wetterticker/b1b1b506-bed2-4cfe-ba39-b9cb98a9af67 So this storm hit our region last night. Where we live was just missed with only one or two "big" balls of ice comming down. But 500 m further north was not so lucky. Absolute chaos. Click on the video to see some of the images and videos
  14. Here almost every town has a test track for the kids to learn and prepare for their "Cycling license". Just we don't have cool planes parked on them. Otherwise I would have been there more often to practice.
  15. Now this looks like some very cool technology ...
  16. Although I kinda like riding in fog, I tend to be not so excited to share the road with cars in fog. Always felt more unsafe than normal.
  17. I look at the Power and think ... ok not too bad. Then I look at the weight and think .... ag gaan k@k man. There will be nothing left of me if my weight drops to that. In a good year I will drop to 82 and then the wife gets all nasty and mention I better start putting on some weight.
  18. So ... the road bike seems to be out of action for a while. This means I will be spending more time on the MTB. So Saturday a buddy and myself decided to up a hill called Blomberg not too far from us and brush up on our non existing MTB skills. He put the destination into Komoot and said to use MTB. Komoot didn't dissapoint wrt to route suggestions. We hardly did tar sections and we did it all, dirtroad, single track, grass fields, rocky downhills, you name. A decent long climb made up for a pretty nice view. Oh and we took a beer and something to eat to swallow down while enjoying the view. And to finish off my friend stopped us where a bee keeper he know was busy harvesting honey. First time in my life I had fresh honey. It was bloody delicious to say the least.
  19. This is by no means going to be a rest day. Rather windy on this side of the med at the moment. The riders will be dealing with quite a bit wind and gust of 60 km/h (green parts) to up to 90 km/h (orange).
  20. 3 EUR for one Shimano shifting cable here on a online shop. Can buy generic for 0,89 €
  21. Wow and sad. Would that not be the first ever mid air over South African soil?
  22. When I read the topic I immediately knew exactly where it happened and seeing the picture confirmed. That is a very tricky corner and almost went over on one of my first rides going towards Noordhoek as well. Left a bite mark in my shorts but that bloody corner burnt a permanet image in my brain. Glad the oak is ok.
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