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  1. on the trainer in the pain cave ... (sorry for poor picture - best I could do with my phone without moving it. 🙃) and before
  2. Daai raam skree on zwift oranje ge spray te word met zwift stickers...
  3. I bought an old CAAD frame and powder coated it / new decals. No brake calipers and standing permanent on my Kickr with an old cracked Mavic front wheel. Frame almost identical to the Supersix that I ride outside.
  4. My last parcel arrived about 3 weeks ago. 5 weeks from ordering to in my hands (not bad for the free shipping option)
  5. Life's too short to only have one bike...or ride with "training wheels"...😁
  6. Hi. I have changed the freehub of my c 360 hub from XD to normal Shimano freebody. (Sram cassettes are just too expensive...lol) I used a thin ordinary grease between the two ratchets and not the DT recommended grease. Can this cause harm or damage to the hub?
  7. Is it okay to finance this ? Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade Bullnose | Bike Hub
  8. from their website HOW DOES IT WORK? New or Used (no older than 3 years) bikes with a minimum value of R20 000 and a maximum of R150 000 (After deposit). (Can include some accessories as below) For new bikes you may ONLY add the following accessories: Pedals Handlebars Helmet Bottle Cage Rates start from 11,5% and are fixed. Finance available over 12 to 48 months. 10% deposit is applicable on new bikes. Finance available to private individuals and companies. ​ More questions? CLICK HERE for the steps to getting finance. See our FAQ's HERE
  9. Please tell me the rotor's weight is included with this extra kg?
  10. Few people know, but you can also fit a 700c (25mm road tire) wheel into a 26" hardtail frame
  11. Paying double VAT and duties is not clever ... it is desperate...
  12. Please specify with a list and and your estimated values of each item...
  13. Where can one found the full results for ALL races? Would have been nice if the results were on here https://www.cyclingsa.com/2021-sa-road-champs ... Not all races with this link either? https://inthebunch.co.za/2021/03/sa-national-road-championships-results-all-events/ Anybody knows where I can find the results for Master 50+ and up? Junior races?
  14. so how do you know when you have an actual flat tire ?
  15. Although the Trek is the nicest looking I am not a fan of the "Isospeed" system. Just too many moving parts down there... Pity they don't make the Modone without Isospeed... https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/madone-slr-seatpost-isospeed-help/21469
  16. For some reason I have more trust in my hand than than my torque wrench...haha
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