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  1. Excuse the way this is posted, but felt belonged here
  2. Happy New Year to you. Be careful with trailer mounted bike racks, particularly “ fork mounted” ones. The lateral forces can shear the bottom of the fork on rough roads. ( I saw several at the Dash over the years and once even found one on the Swartberg pass. If you take bikes on a trailer on rough roads, it’s better to have them standing on their wheels. Beware also of stone chips or coarse sand flying up and doing some fancy patterns on your paintwork. ( learned that the hard way too???? )
  3. Those bushes look like they don’t need any lube. They “should” be made of Delrin or Zytel and outlast the rest of the bike...... yes, I know that referring to those two composites somewhat dates me.
  4. There is a meat eating hubber who lives at WatervalBoven whose son is an accomplished knifemaker..... maar die man is ‘n bietjie stil......
  5. That No17 glue is the real deal, particularly if you use enough.....
  6. Is the “Thuli” the locally made version ?
  7. My favourite in that was the dog biscuits....made in a factory in Kokstad. There were days when you chowed everything and days when you hardly touched a thing....
  8. It is gratifying and even a fun way of whiling away time...thanks to a certain reprobate on the hub, I registered the email joe.massapous@gmail.com and got one of them to call the payphone at the magistrates court and ask for Joe.....
  9. So it’s actually Clevelands, not Clydesdales! The honour of the working horse has been restored.
  10. Goeie$&@. A gravel event right under our noses! How did that one slip under the radar?
  11. The money is not in cheap bike components, it’s in the high end stuff (South Industries, etc) No local manufacturer can compete with the East. Full stop. To answer your question: I’ll buy what is good value, where-ever it’s made.
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