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  1. Door to door, definitely worth the extra money, you pay the tax directly to the courier
  2. Hi, I have been informed by my LBS that my 2109 Epic must come in for a rear shock upgrade/replacement, I have heard of, and know of a number of owners who have experienced problems with the rear shock, all 2018 models, I for one have had no problems, granted, I do not do that many kilos on this bike and a fairly light, 76Kg's. I have checked the Specialized web site for any recall notices but there is none related to this model. Can anyone shed some light on this subject. Thanks Cheers
  3. Mine was with the steerer cut to 170mm and manual lockout.
  4. As a matter of interest, replaced my Reba RL 100 mm Boost with a Fox SC 34 Factory, they weight exactly the same, 1,61kg with through axle.
  5. ZXR

    Fork offset

    Ok, not sure how much can be ascribed to the fork itself, went from a Rocshock Reba RL to a Fox SC 34 Factory, for starters, the bike is rock solid in front, you don't have to ride around rocks and other obstacles, you go over them, other than that the bike is super stable and holds it line well in corners. I have not noticed any difficulty in the slow tight stuff either.
  6. ZXR

    Fork offset

    Thanks all, did the change, awesome, transformed the bike
  7. ZXR

    Fork offset

    Thanks a lot, I like what I'm hearing already. Regards
  8. ZXR

    Fork offset

    What would be the effect be on the handling of my bike if I go from a 100mm travel fork with a 42mm offset to a 120mm travel fork with 51mm offset. The bike is a 2019 Specialized Epic. Thanks
  9. Thanks, neither do I, just that I will hate to go trough all the effort and then find out that it does not work! Regards
  10. Can anybody tell me whether SRAM Level TL brake levers are compatible with Avid XX World Cup calipers? Thanks
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