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  1. If you buy them directly its a $190.00 - Roughly R2500.00, would be dead keen to try them no doubt!
  2. Howsit, is this a farm road ride or a single trail ride?
  3. There is a facebook group called why ride alone. I have picked up a few riding buddies off that. Also whatsapp has a feature where you can send location of up to 5m accuracy from where you are - i have told my wife and a few mates if all you get is a location from me, come and get me lol
  4. I would say cling wrap would work best, you dont have too many options really... Just dont let the bike shop cover it in silicone spray if you get it serviced just before you go...
  5. Awesome save by BIOSPORT: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/154343-saved-by-biosport-race-support-bloemendal/?hl=biosport
  6. HAHAA, Actually was cleaned and serviced on Saturday, I ran out of clean lube so had to use the chain wax i use on the MX bike
  7. Perfect place to do it and hit the trails straight after, just the kind of people that you want to deal with! Such a legend!
  8. This morning i left on a ride before work from Panorama, over Majik forest and into Bloemendal - halfway down the fun stuff, my rear de railer jockey wheel broke off. Popped in at the BIOSPORT (Never been there before) Met Theunis and asked for some help, he immediately welcomed me in, popped the bike on the stand - took the rear de railer apart. Realised something was broken and without hesitation offered me a bike, not just any bike his own personal bike out of his car (Santa Cruz full carbon), re adjusted everything for me and sent me on my way... Its not everyday that you find people in the industry that go that far out of their way to help and make sure that you enjoy the ride you originally set out to do! Always good to support the shops that go the extra mile, if you are in the market for a new Mechanic BIOSPORT at Bloemendal wine estate is the way to go. I see they do: BikeSetUp, BikeFit, Bike Service, Conditioning, Sports massage and event support http://biosport.co.za/ Cheers Shane
  9. Hi, Any one know where we can get these in SA? Launch Enduro Knee Pad: http://shop.foxhead.com/store/products/Downhill-/detail/Fox-Launch-Enduro-Knee-Pad/61880/cat890004
  10. Anyone welcome! 3 of us so far leaving from Burgundy CAR Wash at 4:30 today (Wednesday 09/09) MTB ride from Burgundy, into Contermans over into upper Bloemendal then back into Contermans single track and end at Burgundy. Quick 30km ride. I will be riding from Panorama at 4:00
  11. Crazy man! Sorry that happened to you! I did the route this afternoon and i did not feel very safe - The route is perfect though, such a pity....there are times where you dont see a sole for 10 -15 minutes (reminded me of American style alleys.) Ok, so group ride it could work, really good route other than the safety aspect! Keep safe out there!
  12. Seems that there is a bike route / lane all along the red bus roads into Cape town (Looks like you end up between Woodstock and the highway) Checked google street view - seems legit, will try it later today - If i remember i will come back here and let you know!
  13. @ Vroom - http://www.stillwatersports.com/event/fedhealth-mtb-challenge/ Says starts and finishes at Meerendal ?
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