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  1. Ianc Yes it is your chip you have paid for it to be solely used on the system you bought it for. No other timing company may use it.
  2. Even if you do pirate their chips you need the database. The chip is only a number. Your detail is not stored on the chip but in the database. I think a lot of you do not know how CC works and what the costs are. I do and believe me Colin is not making a fortune. It is not cost effective for CC to time small races. I have met Colin a few times and you can bellieve what he says.
  3. Clearly some of you are fun riders and do not have clue what you are posting about.
  4. Kan nie glo 5 bladsye postings oor die onderwerp.
  5. What is the big deal? There is fun riders in Pretoors Dorp that will poistive for more than EPO.
  6. Baan vs pad twee verskillende dissiplines.
  7. Hoor hoor toe spring al die dames op stage 3 tog in die VB Bunch. Wat se verskil maak dit nou aan die afgesaagde topic. Volgens die organiseerders met no race refs is dit ok so gewees. Ek dink nie die dame het die organiseerders gesoebat om die prysgeld vir haar te gee nie. Die organiseerders maak die re?ls en pas dit toe. So asb hou nou op k@k en kerm.
  8. Next time vertel dit vir almal.
  9. Julle kloof nou hare. No rules anything goes. Dq dan al die dames vir al die stages want hulle het ook op stage 3 saam met VB gery. Vat almal se geld terug en koop bier.
  10. Grapkas welkom terug. Hoe was China. Jy sal sien baie het verander terwyl jy wegwas. Loop asb lig vir die Hub KGB. Lekker dag
  11. Snapshot on stage 3 all the ladies jumped in the VB bunch. Nobody complains about the winner of stage 3. This is the whole reason why there should not be this kind of money on a fun ride. For this kind of prize money it should have been a licensed race. Then the race was policed and this would not have happened. So in the absence of rules stipulating that ladies are not allowed in a mens bunch under no circumstances any thing goes. Tough luck to those that snoozed
  12. Is this not piracy. Siss man buy your own.
  13. Happens all the time. There is no written rule against this. It is a case of you snooze you loose. The ladies did jump into the VB group on stage three. So stop pointing fingers while your pants are around your ankles.
  14. I saw this dude in his Silver Toyota Tazz yesterday afternoon riding behind one cyclist with yellow lights on top. Behind them was about ten cars which cannot pass. What do you think?
  15. What if the number is wrong and it is the right rider?
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